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Updated on July 05, 2008
L.M. asks from San Diego, CA
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My 10 yo son has a rather large wart on the back of his hand. I took him to the Dr. hoping he would burn it off, but just used the same over the counter spray I could have purchased. I did purchase the wart bandages and he's been changing them out every few days. I have read that duct tape over time (2 months) can help remove them. Does anyone have a quicker solution? Has anyone had their kid's wart burned off, and, if so, did it go away rapidly? It's just hard over the summer, with swimming to be able to keep tape/ bandages to stay on. He's starting middle school in the fall and he's hoping to be rid of it before then. Any advice is welcome.

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Ok, this might seem ridiculous, but it really works and works fast. Take a clove of garlic and make a slice the size of the wart. Put Vitamin E oil on the skin around the wart to protect it. Then put garlic over the wart and keep in place with band aid. Do this for 3-4 days (that's how long it took for it to work on me) or until it's gone. Good luck, M

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I have had several warts frozen off (sprayed with dry ice method) and I have to tell you that it is very painful. It works and they don't come back but it hurts like hell until it heals. Healing time varies, I had small ones take a week or two and larger ones take a month. You have to keep them covered while healing. I found that putting tea tree oil on the wart then a band aid works too, takes a bit longer but doesn't hurt and is cheaper. Only side effect is the pungent odor of tea tree oil, which is better than pain if you ask me! If you decide to have them frozen off, put tea tree oil on them after to speed up the healing and prevent scaring. Also, your general doc may not be able to do the freezing, you may need to go see a dermotologist which is what I did.

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Hi, L., They have on the market now, probably at rite aid, where one application and that's it, it freezes it, I see that advertised all the time. J.

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The most amazing thing I found for my sons wars was an essential oil called cistus. You can get it from a company called Young Living. You can also use Oregano oil but it burns. Works even faster.



answers from Honolulu on

Puberty. Needing to look a certain way... Oh memories...

You can get warts frozen off at the doctor's office. The home-remedy wart freezing off kits are very ineffective. They just don't have the same power that the ones the doctor's use have. You can do lazer removal, but it leaves an ugly scar. Essentially you just have to keep taking your kid in and having the warts re-frozen until they are gone.

Deeper than this though is that our children will have to decide if their happiness is going to be held hostage by a wart or not. If it isn't a wart, it will be a pimple. If it isn't a pimple, it will be their brand of jeans not being right.

One of the greatest examples of good self-worth I ever met was this little old man in Japan who wasn't much taller than a child. He was covered from head to toe in warts and right beside him was the most devoted, sweet wife I had ever seen. Instead of looking for wart removal systems that worked, he did personality development and ended up having a great life filled with dignity. Dignity that he encouraged others find and stand as a pillar for.

Maybe talk to your son about whether he believes people should be liked for what they look like or for who they are. Maybe his wart can become a symbol to him for standing up for each and every person's value. At least it can offer him some good practice in standing up for everyone's personal worth and something to do until the wart eventually goes away =). Warts...great leadership training in disguise!



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Compound W and a nail file! I know that sounds bad but my son's Doctor explained to me that if you do not file off some of the dead skin before you apply new medicine - the compound W won't work! Everday before bed, file off the top of the wart - not enough to where it will hurt your child - just enough to take off some dead skin. Reapply the compound w and let it dry - I never even covered it with a band-aid. If you can get your child to do this twice a day that is even better! My son had about 15 little warts on his hands when he was 4 - you can't even tell he had any now! I swear if you keep it up for a few weeks to a month - IT WILL WORK!!!!!



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My 5 year old had a wart on his leg. The doctor burned it off with dry ice and it fell off. I would ask your doctor to burn it off, it most likely will not return. However when I was a child, I had a large wart (cauliflower type) which is several warts in one spot. I had to have it treated several times. It finally is gone but have a scar on my leg. This is the time to do it (summer). Good Luck.

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