Warts: Preschooler

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2 Y/o with Wart on Hand

K.L. asks from Bellingham

My 2 year old daughter has what appears to be a wart on her hand, right in the crease where her ring finger meets her palm. It is fairly large, she picks at it occas...


Suggested Treatment for Wart on 3 Year Olds Finger

K.B. asks from Sacramento

My son is getting a pretty big wart on the back of his middle finger. I am wondering if it is something I should get checked out and treated or if it is best left alone.


Wart Questions

A.W. asks from Chicago

Okay ladies. I am so embarrassed about this but- I took my 2.5 year old daughter to the doctor today because she had a bump in her armpit for almost a week and he sai...


Possible Wart on 3 Year Old's Foot

R.C. asks from Minneapolis

Hi All, My 3 year old daughter has a small, round mass on the pad of her foot. The center looks kind of wart-like, but not exactly so I'm not sure. The mass is f...


Wart on Foot???

J.M. asks from New York

today i just noticed a perfectly round bump on my 6 year old daughters foot. it looks kind of like a blister but isnt on top of the skin like a blister. it does pro...


Pain-free Wart Removal?

J.O. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello - my daughter (almost 7 y/o) has had warts on her hands - especially her fingers - for a long time...probably since she was two or three. They seem to be sprea...


Wart Removal

D.C. asks from Chicago

My three-year-old has warts on her belly and underarm. The pediatrician said it's a common reaction to a virus. At first we waited to see if they would go away on the...


Warts on 3 Year Old

B.S. asks from Lansing

I've searched on here and read through quite a few wart questions. So I'm sorry if this sounds redundant. My daughter who is 3 has had a wart on her finger for quit...


Skin Issue on 3 Year Old Toe. Inflamed Scaly Skin on Baby Toe Affected Nail.

E.H. asks from Lansing

Hello. Last summer my daughter got what I thought was maybe a callous on the top of her right baby toe. It basically ran from just below the nail to where her toe m...


Warts on a 3 Year Old

A.S. asks from Minneapolis

I have a two year old boy and my roommate has a 3 year old boy, both of which i stay home with all day. When i moved into my apt with my roommate last year his son ha...