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16 Year Old Daughter Pregnant

L.G. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old daughter is pregnant and lives with me. I make a decent income and know I would not qualify. Can she qualify for medicaid or will my income disqualif...


Trouble Disciplining a 17 Year Old

J.A. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has always been an exceptionally bright girl. She was in high performance classes at school and would panic if she was getting anything lower than an 'A'...


16 Year Old Boy Entertainment

R.M. asks from San Francisco

What does your teen boy do for entertainment? When it's summer, and there's lots of free time, and he has done his chores, and has done his sport or exercise, and he...


Advice for Dealing with a 15 Year Old...

B.C. asks from Joplin

I am looking for REAL advice...and I know that I have been lenient to the extreme. I worry that I am too close to the situation to be rational...at the moment i just ...


What to Get 15 Year Old Nephew

M.R. asks from Kansas City

I have been racking my brain for gift ideas for my 15 year old nephew. (I don't buy video games though) He's athletic, likes to read. What are you getting your tee...


Don't Know What to Do About 16 Year Old Son's "Accident."

Z.Z. asks from Washington DC

I just got a call from our insurance company about an "accident" my son had. I was totally blindsided because my son mentioned nothing about it. I called him and he t...


17 Year Old with ADD? Need to Find a Doctor...

P.C. asks from Dallas

My almost 17 year old son is extremely smart, has been in Gifted/Talented and PreAP classes the entire time he has been in school, but the past two years have been su...


16 Year Old Daughter - Moved Out

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

About a month ago, my 16 Year old daughter moved out. One night, during an argument she called her father who I've been divorced from since she was about 2 to pick h...


16 Year Old/checking Account

D.G. asks from Milwaukee

My son just got his first paycheck. We are going to the bank to open an account for him today. Need some advice on what to do for a 16 year old. Can he just open a sa...


Help Disapline/ Definance of a 16 Year Old

T.P. asks from Sacramento

I know the teenage years are supposed to be trying and that the closer the kids get to being adults the more they start pulling away from the parents. I just got my ...