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Tween Gifts for Friends - Budget?

C.. asks from Columbia

Do your tween girls exchange gifts with their friends? What is the budget? How many friends do they exchange gifts with? I have a 7th grade, 12 year old daughter...


Type of Punishment for 13 Year Old

D.P. asks from Detroit

So our 13 year created his own my space account against our wishes so to speak. he has been begging us for one for a sometime now. We have told him that we didn't a...


Birthday Present Ideas for Son's 16 Yr Old Girlfriend

J.T. asks from Columbus

My son will be attending his "girlfriend's" Sweet 16 birthday party and asked what he should get her. They've only been "going together" for a couple of months, whic...



H.B. asks from Dallas

OKay long story short...since I was born I have been collecting Precious Moments. Each yeah either at my bday or Christmas my mother has always given me a Precious M...


Gift for 4 & 5 Year Old Girls?

S.B. asks from Burlington

My best friend is coming for a visit with her husband and kids from Australia. I only get to see her children every couple of years or so I like to buy them special ...


Silly Q About GIANT Teddy Bear

N.R. asks from Chicago

With all the real questions here, I feel silly asking this rather unimportant one, but here goes: My teenage daughter is begging for a 6' tall giant teddy bear for Ch...


When to Move Baby to Crib

A.J. asks from Phoenix

How long did you keep your babies in their bassinet in your room? My daughter is 4 months old and doesn't sleep in our bed, but she sleeps in her pack and play next t...


2 1/2 Year Old Daughter Self-stimulating

M.M. asks from Anchorage

My almost 3 year old daughter has always been very tactile. She is a thumb sucker, blanket rubber, and has always liked to rub the soft side of velcro or her daddy's...


Anyone Trying to Explain What Happened to Hanna Montana...Miley Cyrus....whoa!

S.R. asks from Washington DC

Wow, Miley Cirus has really gone the way of many child stars...I'm almost nauseated by the images that are all over the internet. So far my DD hasn't seen them, (I d...


Unusual and Common Kid Obsessions

H.H. asks from Dallas

I am doing some informal research on (non-clinical)obsessions of 2-6 year old kids. For instance, I have a 4 y/o that has been obsessed with diggers for 2 years and ...