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16 Year Old, Can't Be Punished.

J.W. asks from Buffalo

My daughter is 16 and she does normal stupid teenager things. She spends too much money, doesn't care about school, and doesn't show a lot of respect. She is not a he...


16 Year Old Daughter

M.M. asks from Tallahassee

Need I say more, I have a 16 yr old daughter who I feel is just isolating us. She comes home from school, goes straight into her room & will have nothing to do with u...


16 Year Old Son Wants Car

R.G. asks from San Francisco

my son wants his car. he is 16 and is desperate to get it. I think he should have to wait another year. I want him to be 17 when he gets his car. In the mean time,...


Curfew for a 17 Year Old?

J.F. asks from Houston

My 17 year old daughter (August birthday) has been pushing the boundaries for years now. She quit school recently, got a GED, and now works full time. She wants to ...


Ideas for 16 Year Old Son's Birthday

M.C. asks from Chicago

Hello All, I am looking for ideas of ways to celebrate my 16 year old's birthday. Thinking about a surprise party. He says he does not want a party but as a family h...


Parents: What Would You Do If You Found Out Your 15 Year Old Son Has?

M.V. asks from New York

Parents: What would you do if you found out your 15 year old son has a 1 year old child and you didn't know? He sees the child every day (including weekends and ...


Reading Suggestions for a 15 Year Old

N.E. asks from Des Moines

I am looking for some books to suggest to my 15 year old sister to read. She claims she hates reading, but she has never really tried reading a book for fun. I real...


Taking 15 Year Old to the Gynecologist?

D.D. asks from Springfield

Okay, so I've been hearing that we should be taking girls in earlier for a gynecologist appointment now a days, is this true? I have twin 15 year old girls, one has ...


16 Year Old Step Daughter?

S.K. asks from Springfield

Hello all! I have a blended family I have two 18 year old girls and my hubby has a 12 year old boy, and a 16 year old girl. My hubby and I were just talking about his...


16 Year Old Inappropriate Dress Wear.

M.H. asks from Utica

Here is my problem. I have a 16 year old daughter who continueously wears inappropriate clothing. I am too the point where I have accepted the really tight shirts w...