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17 Year Old Nanny

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter babysat 3 children last summer and they asked her to do it again this summer. Well these three kids are 6 year old twins and a 10 year old brother. For ba...


15 Year Old Who Stays on Computer All the Time.

M.R. asks from Dallas

hey moms! I know this is really not a huge issue to most people, but for me it is a huge issue. I have a 15 year old step-son who lives on the computer or the cell ph...


I Have a New 15 Year Old Foster Son in My Care Who Can't Wake up in the Morning

R.R. asks from New York

I just had a 15 year old sweet boy placed in my care who can not wake up in the morning. He sets the alarm clock, it goes off for 40 minutes, wakes up everyone in th...


Advice on 15 Year Old

K.W. asks from Oklahoma City

I have recently found out my 15 y/o has gone behind my back to date a 17 y/o. When she first talked about him, I put my foot down and said she was not allowed to dat...


17 Year Old Is Nauseous

M.B. asks from Pueblo

Hello ladies. My 17 yo son has had nauseous problems for about 6 months now. He is very healthy and active, plays sports year-round and goes constantly. Almost every ...


My 16 Year Old Is Leaving?

D.R. asks from Dover

Hello, I've just recently seemed to have lost my daughter. I have custody of my 2 older children from my first marriage. My ex screwed up and my oldest, the 16 year...


17 Year Old Daughter Doesn't Do Anything Ever, Very Moody Angry

K.L. asks from Norfolk

My 17 year old daughter is a senior in high school. She goes to school, she comes home, she plays on her phone. I've been telling her for months to get an after sch...


15 Year Old Boy

E.R. asks from Austin

Every year we travel to CA to see my sisters. This year my 15 year old son has dug his heals in and does not want to go. He clearly is already miserable about the w...


15 Year Old Boy

P.W. asks from Chicago

looking for advise, divorced father has been having trouble as of lately getting my 15 year old son to come over, it seems that he is doing this as a cry out for atte...


16 Year Old Son Ran Away 2 Weeks Ago

J.J. asks from New York

I found this site through a lonely move on my part, last week I put into a Google search box, "my 16 year old son ran away" and one of the threads here at mamapedia c...