17 Year Old Is Nauseous

Updated on October 15, 2016
M.B. asks from Florence, CO
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Hello ladies. My 17 yo son has had nauseous problems for about 6 months now. He is very healthy and active, plays sports year-round and goes constantly. Almost every time he eats he gets nauseous. He tries to eat to gain weight, like most 17 year old boys, but seldom gets more than a little food down before getting sick. It doesn't matter what he's eating - we've tried all different kinds of foods - but he feels sick. He has only actually vomitted one time because he always stops eating before he throws up. A friend told him he had that and it was acid reflux. He does have most symptoms but never has heartburn, which is a major symptom. I'm taking him in to the doctor, but wanted to ask all you "professionals" what it sounds like to you. Thanks a lot.

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So What Happened?

I took him to the doctor and she ordered blood tests and a stool sample, mentioning many of the things that you all had suggested. She had him take Prilosec every day in the meantime, to see if that affected him. Everything came back normal, thank goodness. He missed taking the Prilosec for 2 days and his symptoms were returning, so he takes it diligently now. The Prilosec helped 100% so he may have to go to a gastroenterologist eventually, but for now we'll just try heartburn medicine. Thank you all for your suggestions and support!

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answers from Billings on

Hi M.,
THat sounds like what happened with my 15 yo daughter. She lost 21 lbs, about 6 weeks. She had H-Pylori... That is a bacteria in the stomach... They can do blood test for it, but the blood test can come back with a false negative. I took her to a pedaitric gastrointeroligist who did an endoscopy and took biopsies and actually saw the bacteria swimming around.
They treated it with high dose of two different anitbiotics and then probiotics after that...
She got it twice, but is fine now.

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answers from Rochester on

It could be his gall bladder. Please seek medical attention. There is a simple blood test they can do to determine if his gall bladder is causing the problems - his symptoms make it seem likely.

S. Bruce

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Please just take your son to the doctor to get everything checked out. We can all throw out a million ideas but he really needs to see a doctor. Good luck.

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answers from New York on

I would recommend going to the doctor to find out what it is first but if it is acid reflux. You may need to get his body chemistry balanced. Activia is great for helping balance the stomach acids.

If you just run for the first over the counter thing that deals with the symptoms, you don't really get to the actual cause. Get to the cause. A doctor will be helpful with that.

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from Boston on

I know you think we may be professionals but not when it comes to the health of a child. Please take him to the doctors. Do not wait six months when something like this happens.

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answers from Missoula on

A friend of mine (adult male) couldn't hold anything down for months, and he went to his family practice doc and had tests galore run, on his liver, stomach, kidneys, gall bladder, the works, and they couldn't find anything. He finally went to a specialist (Gastroenterologist) who discovered that he had bacteria from a sinus infection (of all things!) that went down into his stomach and guts and formed an infection down in there. They put him on hardcore antibiotics, and he is now back to eating like a champ!



answers from Denver on

Have his doctor test for Celiac Disease (an autoimmune disease where the body reacts to gluten). Its a simple blood test. If the blood test is positive, then they will follow up with an endoscopy to confirm. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 6 years ago, but for about 8 years prior to that, my main symptom was nausea and the inability to gain weight. Its very common for doctors to miss this disease so you usually have to actually ask for the test. If this is negative, I would look into his pancreas- maybe he's not making enough digestive enzymes. Hope this helps!



answers from Boise on

as a teenager i was diagnosed with an ulcer in my large intestine that had symptoms that were very similar to what you are describing. i would get nauseous every time that i ate. other than that i was pretty much ok. the dr prescribed tagamet and cutting down on greasy, fried, and spicy foods as well. it worked. good luck at the doc's and i hope that your son gets to feeling better soon.



answers from St. Louis on

my grandmother is 89 & has battled bulimia all her life. She feels nauseous a lot, has trouble getting the food down, & tries to stop eating before she vomits. Sounds a lot like your son......

Another thought would be a food allergy/intolerance. Try removing dairy & see what happens. Good Luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

Call his Dr. If he is that miserable for that long don't waste any more time. It may be acid reflux, I have it too and my med is a lifesaver. The over the counter meds don't help me at all.



answers from Dallas on

HI , i am a nutrtion consultant over 16 years, i read your dilemma and in my professional opinion a i think it is possible that his liver or adrenal glands are a little overwhelmed... he is going throigh alot of changes and hormones need directions as well as foods when they enter the body... these suervisors are th well known b-vitamins ...if he is very active he needs to be taking a multi..i would suggest one that has a 50 mg b-complex and digestive enzymes iin it..preferably timed-released. this should improve his digestion as well as stresses on the body like hormone changes and overexertion... see if this helps but make sure he "eats" (brothy soups will give lots of nutrition and they are easy to digest) something with it ..try for two weeks if can.



answers from Chicago on

Try this

It helped my ulcer and nothing else over the counter did when it was the most painful. I got mine from a health food store originally and it is just soothing to the stomach. Worth it's weight in gold!




answers from Provo on

i'm glad you're taking him to the doctor. there are so many possibilities with this symptom. a person doesn't always feel heartburn with acid reflux, especially in the beginning. there are so many possibilities for this symptom, and if it is reflux he may have to try a variety of meds before finding one that works well for him. be diligent. :)



answers from Pueblo on

Have his blood glucose levels checked as well. My daughter was like that for about 3-4 months and lost 20 lbs. She ended up have type one diabetes. There are more symptoms tho like excessive thirst increased urination but I dont know if a 17 yo boy would share with his mom that he is peeing more. So you might not see it.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Investigate celiac disease, an allergy to gluten. If it isn't that then it could be another allergy.



answers from Denver on

It could be a lot of things other than reflux. Do you see a chiropractor? It could be what's called a hiatal hernia. Typically caused by stress, this is when the stomach gets wedged up under the diaphragm. It can cause nausea, reflux like symptoms, and even what feels like heart palpitations. A chiropractor can do a simple adjustment to release the ribs and the diaphragm.

It could be an allergy or food sensitivity. The major culprits are usually gluten or dairy products.

He could have H pylori helicobactor--the bacteria that causes ulcers. Or some other virus or bacteria that he just hasn't fought off.

He could have a yeast problem (if he's ever had anti-biotics this is likely). Give him some full spectrum pro-biotics.

Herbs that ease the stomach and help digestion include ginger, peppermint, catnip, fennel, and papaya. Also taking food enzymes with his meals could help.

My youngest has had all sorts of stomach problems, so I can speak to all of these things from experience. If you need more assistance, or have further questions about what I wrote, feel free to contact me. If I knew a little more about his symptoms I might be able to narrow these possibilities down for you. I've treated him all with alternative remedies with great success.

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

A friends daughter had a similar problem. After MANY tests, it was lactose intolerance...go figure! Good luck!



answers from Scranton on

I get sick like that sometimes also and the Dr says reflux even though I don't get heartburn w it. Has he tried protein Shakes also to help gain weight? I have weight problems and sometimes have to drink them when my weight is down.



answers from Provo on

You have so much good advice here. I'll just echo seeing a gastroenterologist and asking specifically about celiacs disease. My husband, brother-in-law, and daughter all had similar symptoms, were all originally misdiagnosed as having acid reflux disease, and all later discovered it was celiacs. My daughter gained 7 pounds in 2 months of being gluten free--she desperately needed those 7 pounds and we are so happy to see her thriving. My husband actually lost a little weight and feels fantastic.



answers from Providence on

For any type of nausea and sickness, No to morning sickness tea is a wonderful home remedy.



answers from Minneapolis on

Could be celiac disease. Try cutting out gluten and see if that helps!



answers from Toledo on

If you think it may be exess acid or reflux, you can get meds over the counter now for it. It's worth a try, and he's big enough for an adult dose. Tagamet (cimentidine) is usually ordered before meals, so that may help at mealtime. Prilosec(omeprazole) is a 24hr. pill, so it doesn't matter when you take it.


answers from Houston on

Acid reflux, celiac disease, dairy allergies, or he could even be hypoglycemic. Definitely get him to have his blood tested.

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