Teen: The First Years

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Seeking Help with a 17 Year Old Live in Stepdaughter!

T.R. asks from Goldsboro

Hello, I am a 31 almost 32 year old step mom of a 17 year old stepdaugher. She is very angry and literally hates me. She has lived with her father always. Unfortunatl...


Trouble Disciplining a 17 Year Old

J.A. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has always been an exceptionally bright girl. She was in high performance classes at school and would panic if she was getting anything lower than an 'A'...


16 Year Old Daughter - Moved Out

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

About a month ago, my 16 Year old daughter moved out. One night, during an argument she called her father who I've been divorced from since she was about 2 to pick h...


My 16 Year Old Daughter Is Sexually Active, What Should I Do?

C.N. asks from Raleigh

I just found out recently that my 16 yr old daughter is sexually active. I’m thankful that she came to me first to tell me about it, however, I think it was because...


Moody Teen Step Daughter

C.A. asks from Dallas

My husband and I have been together for 5 years and married for 3. My children excepted my husband and his two girls with open arms from the beginning. His girls we...


How Did You Teach Your Teen About Money

K.S. asks from Denver

Currently, DD is 15 and is super busy with sports and school, so she relies on us for money. She is pretty good at accepting limits and understanding when something i...


15 Year Old with Menstral Issues

L.B. asks from Atlanta

Hello ladies, I am hoping some of you can help me with my oldest daughter. Every month on her first and second day of her cycle, she is doubled over in pain. If she ...


Teen Pregnancy - Baby Ruins Lives??

J.C. asks from St. Louis

My friend just emailed me to tell me her boyfriend's 15 yo (will be 16 next month) son's gf is pregnant. She is 15 & I don't know when she will be 16. Supposedly th...


Sassy Pre-Teen and Teen

M.L. asks from Columbia

I am recently divorced and remarried. My son is 13 and my daughter is 11. They have both always been very vocal in what they want, how they feel they've been slighted...


New Teen Advice

C.B. asks from Washington DC

I am a SAHM with twin girls who just turned 13. Their sudden incessant need to be with their friends this summer is really driving me crazy. I hate the thought of s...