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Don't Know What to Do...

A.T. asks from Norfolk

At my daughters' last drs appt. The dr informed me that she didn't need more than 12oz of formula per day. That is usually given in a bottle in the morning and a bo...


Bad Diaper Rash That Will Not Go Away

S.P. asks from Norfolk

Hi, I have a son Nicholas who is almost 11 month old. I have breastfed him for almost 10 month and just recently stopped because he started to bite me. And it seems l...


Eczema in Diaper Area

K.A. asks from Dallas

I have a 7 month old son with Eczema that scratches constantly in his diaper area at every opportunity. It is usually not red until he starts scratching there. This i...


Help with Diaper Rash.

S. asks from Birmingham

My 5 month old daughter has a horrible diaper rash. It is blood red and has what looks to be blisters that bleed. I have done everything I know to treat it, I have us...


Diaper Rash with Bumps?

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

My 21 month old has developed a bad diaper rash today. It is little red bumps and she says it itches. Is this a yeast infection? she does not have a discharge. I use ...


How to get rid of bad diaper rash on infant?

C.K. asks from Fort Myers

My daughter is ten months old she is currently crawling and beginning to take steps. Last week she got a really bad diaper rash on her side. When we were at the docto...


Need a Safe Home-remedy for VERY Greasy Hair Due to Baby Oil

N.V. asks from Columbus

Ok, so my 3 y/o and 15 month old went to my bedroom for a couple of minutes while I was down the hall, and the oldest managed to grab a bottle of 'Johnson's baby oil ...


Ringworm! How to Cure! Help!

M.B. asks from Colorado Springs

My daughter has ringworm on her face, arm and leg. She caught it from her new pet, a guinea pig. I have taken her to the Dr and they said just use the antifungal cr...


Sweaty Armpits

J.H. asks from Sacramento

All of my adult life I have sweated a lot under my arms. I don't sweat much elsewhere unless I am actively working out or it is a very hot day. I have used most typ...


19 Month Old with Yeast Infection

A.M. asks from Detroit

My 19 month old girl was on antiboitics for three weeks for her ear infection. Now she has a yeast infection. Her diaper is irritating her and she now has red bumps ...