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Social Groups for 17 Year Old

S.W. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I need to find a place where my child can socialize without fear of her peers using drugs and alcohol. It seems to me that all her friends are into experimen...


Working Moms Groups...are There Any?

J.M. asks from San Antonio

We live in the Universal City area and I am having a hard time finding groups for working moms. I searched meetup and got nadda. Anyone have suggestions?


Are There Any Moms' Groups for Working Moms?

H.C. asks from Sacramento

I've heard about several moms groups- but all meet early in the week? Does anyone know of any that meet later in day (3:30 and later)? I'm in West Sacramento and ho...


Christian Groups

E.B. asks from Albany

I am looking for christian groups in Albany, Ny. more I am interested in evangelist groups. Thank you


Increasing Participation in Our Moms Group

E.M. asks from Chicago

I am the president of a local Moms Club. The club encompasses a large geographical area and we have about 75 members. However, only a core group of about 20 regularly...


Seeking Social Circle for a Grandmother

A.F. asks from Allentown

Hello Moms- My mother just turned 60 this year. Her and my Dad have some friends(other couples) that live further away but my Mom is starting to feel really lonely ...


Moms Group

M.T. asks from Chicago

Ive been in a mom's play group for about 6 months. I have recently noticed that I am not invited to ALL the meetups. I joined basically for my children but it upset...


Seeking Moms Group in Saint Paul

S.T. asks from Minneapolis

I am looking for a group for new moms in the Saint Paul area. I have only found on-line groups but would love to find a group to meet with regularly for support and ...


Looking for Sahds Group or Moms Groups Open to SAHD in Tacoma/Puyallup

S.L. asks from Seattle

My husband stays home with our 10 mo. old son and, like any stay-at-home parent, he needs a social outlet as well as more variety in our son's day. He would like to ...



L.R. asks from Denver

How do I make friends? I am afraid. I have four children under the age of 12. They keep me very very busy. But I now feel I that I have earnt little time for myse...