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Updated on October 29, 2006
C.S. asks from Tampa, FL
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I'm fairly new to the Bay area -- been here just over a year-- but seem to be having a hard time making friends. Most of my friends and family live in Georgia. We moved here when my son was young and you know how hard it can be to get out and be social with a small child. My husband is gone a lot because he's in law school. I've met some people at work but we're all busy. Only one that I have really connected with has a child.
I would love to meet a group of girls who understand the joys and struggles of being a parent but also like to have fun. I can't seem to find any playgroups or Mom's groups in the St. Pete area. Is there anyone out there who can help me?
Thanks! :)

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So What Happened?

Hi guys! Thank you for the responses. I was reccommended to join (and have been approved!) the St. Pete Working Moms group and I'm really excited. It sounds like a great group. Thank you for all of your help!!

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I am a member of a moms group in St. Pete. It is called StPeteWorkingMoms. We do get togethers for events and even had a mom's night out last friday night. I believe you can get to it by: If not you can send an email to: [email protected] If neither works you just go to and go to groups and then enter stpeteworkingmoms and it should bring it up. You just apply to join and you will receive an email back from the moderator. Tell them you were referred by D. through Mamasource. Good luck. And I hope to meet you sometime through the group. I have a 3 yr old boy.

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Hi C.! I'm S., 28 next month, mom to Paige, 10 months. I belong to a great working moms group called "St. Pete Working Moms." We schedule playdates on evenings and weekends since we are all working full time and that's when we can get together! A lot of times it's just a couple of us getting together, and others it's a group event. We do mom's night too (just did one at Chilli's and it was fun). So it's really flexible. Come check it out, I'd love to have someone else to get to know!

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Hi C.,

I teach a class in St. Pete called StrollerFit. It's a great way to meet mommy friends and to stay active with your baby. We have about 20 moms currently enrolled in class, with children anywhere from a few months to three years old. We meet every morning (M-F) at 9:30am at Demon's Landing Park, near the Pier. The first class is FREE! After class, we usually get the kids out to interact and chat awhile. We also have playgroups and outings planned together. Email me if you would like to join us - I'd love to meet you!!

-C. Bruner



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check out
it has really helped me connect w/other moms.

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