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Do You like Women?

I have a bunch of momma friends, and I enjoy them all to some extent, but I really don't think I like hanging out with a group of women. I hated groups of women when I was a kid, and here I am at almost 40 feeling similarly towards my friends. Some of them want to do regular momma things, nails, drinks, whatever. I have no desire to hang out with them during weekend time with hubby. I do a bi-monthly book club, and that is really enough "girl" time for me. Is there something wrong with me? Am I the only female that would rather just...


I Am Feeling Stuck

Hi Does anyone have an suggestions on things to do with my 11 month old...


Kid Clothes Resale

We are cleaning out the kiddy closet once again, due to change of season and...

Book Clubs

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Looking for a Good Children's Book Club

My 4 month old daughter loooooves to be read to. We don't have a ton of books, and would love to get some more, but many of them are really expensive and they add up! Does anyone know of any good online children's book clubs that would have good books for infants? In addition, does anyone have any recommendations of their children's favorite books?


Do You like Women?

I have a bunch of momma friends, and I enjoy them all to some extent, but I...

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Taking a 2 Year Old to an Elmo Show?

Hey moms! I just found out that Elmo's Healthy Heros will be in our town a week after my daughter turns two. She is the biggest Elmo fan....has always liked Elmo, but is just now starting to sit down and watch Elmo's World. She is 22 months now...we are thinking of taking her to this show, but I have no idea if she will sit and care, or not. What has been your experience with a very young two year old at things like this? Should we try, or is it not worth it? Thanks in advance!