Mommy and Me Group - Queen Creek,AZ

Updated on September 24, 2008
K.E. asks from Chandler Heights, AZ
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I am looking for a group of Moms that meet in the Queen Creek area. looking for some adult time and some child interaction for my little girl.

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I am a part of MOMS Club and I highly recommend it. There are weekly activities for the kids in addition to playgroups and monthly Mom's Night Out. You can attend as much or little as you're interested in. I know SO much more about fun things to do with kids in our area than I even had any idea existed before. And it's just nice to have a social outlet for both me and the kids and a support network. They brought me meals for 2 weeks when I had my daughter. It's very regional, so everyone in my chapter lives very near to me, which is convenient. To find a chapter near you go to My chapter only costs $23/year

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Where in Queen Creek?
I live on the border of Queen creek/ Gilbert Close to the Bashas on Chandler height/power. I have a 7.5 month old and would love to have some playdates



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My kids are in elementary school now, but when they were younger, the very best group I found was Mothers of PreSchoolers--MOPS. (For Moms with kids age infant through kindergarten). The adult-time with other moms was so fun and a nice break for me, and my kids loved the childcare activities and making new friends! The kids are separated by age, so your daughter would get to interact with other babies her age. I believe there is a group that meets at Calvary Chapel. (you don't need to be a member at all to go!) You can also go to and search for a group by zip code or city. I highly recommend it!



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Check out for M. groups in QC. I know there are a few...

Good luck!

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