HELP... Social Groups for Seniors????

Updated on October 27, 2011
M.T. asks from Chicago, IL
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Does anyone know where/how to find any social groups for seniors, just to get out and be with people? My mom passed away a few months ago, and my dad has been keeping busy, but not sure what he's going to do when it gets cold and he's going to be stuck inside more often. I have alreay looked on the park district website, but unless your into any type of card playing, there wasn't anything. He is a part of a support group, specifically for those who have lost a spouse, but the session ended last week. He's not in an adult community or a subdivision with a club house or activities. Anything in the Naperville and surrounding area would be great, just want him to be able to get out and be with others, maybe even make some new friends to hang out with... Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

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I would check into local churches... many have support groups of this nature, park district may have different groups but not focused on those who have lost a spouse, and

Good luck! :)



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Check out the churches. Plainfield United Methodist has several small groups he might fit into. They also have grief seminars and groups at different times of the year. It is all free. If this church offers these programs, perhaps other churches do to. Also, I'm not Methodist, but I enjoy the church. It is a great group of people.



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You may want to check your local Park District program. I know the Carol Stream P



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Oswego has a senior center where they do lots of stuff. Oswego is just west of Naperville. They may know of someplace closer. So sorry about your mom. That's got to be hard. It's wonderful of you to be trying to help him out.

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