Hi I Am Looking for Mom Groups near Seattle WA

Updated on April 08, 2008
S.E. asks from Seattle, WA
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I saw that there is a moxie moms group which looks really cool, but is there any other play groups or other clubs out there in the Seattle area other than Moxie moms? With Moxie MOms you have to pay a yearly membership fee, which is fine but I did not want to jump into it if there are other groups out there.


S. E.

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Have you looked for a MOPS group mothers of preschoolers..they are all over


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I belong to MOPS (which doesn't meet during the summer) and a moms group through Meetup.com

You might be able to find a local group through meetup.com some groups charge a nominal fee, some don't charge anything.

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VAlley Medical Hospital in Renton, WA offers a free moms group for infants, crawlers and toddlers... since you have a one year old you would qualify for the toddler group, and you could bring them both... it meets on wednesday mornings from 10-11:30... the younger groups meets right after... you might be able to go to their website for more details. i started going when my daughter was 5 months in the infant group, and now we are in "crawlers" its very informal... 5-15 moms or so... the leader Denise usually has a topic each week such as teething, sleeping, water safety, sunscreen, etc that she will bring handouts for and discuss briefly...i enjoy the social outlet. hope this helps.


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I am the group owner of Seattle Area Moms, a mom's group based on Yahoo. We have members from all over the Puget Sound area. I send out weekly events calendars and try to set up get-togethers whenever possible. Joining is free, too!

Hope to see you there! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SeattleAreaMoms/


S. G.
Mom to Christoph, age 2.5 and Andreas, age 2 weeks

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