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Miralax "Clean Out"

G.B. asks from Dayton

My son is VERY constipated and the dr said we had to do a "clean out" as he called it. We had to do Miralax 4x today, 4x tomorrow, then monitor from there. My ques...



M.K. asks from Syracuse

Has anyone trie dthis with tehir toddlers? How long before it started to work?


Miralax - How Long Did Your Child Take It?

H.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, If your child took Miralax, I'm wondering how long s/he was on it? Our little one is three years old and has had constipation issues for the past two yea...


Miralax for My 23 Month Old?

A.C. asks from Charleston

My son who will be 2 friday has had belly pain for several weeks. The dr ran some tests they all came back normal. The x-ray showed some mild "back up" in the bowel...


How Much Miralax Should I Give My 6 Yo?

E.V. asks from Los Angeles

I have a stopped up little girl who is just recently out of pull-ups for BM's and is scared, therefore, resistant to "let it go" in the potty. Her Ped suggested Mira...


Am I over Feeding??

H.C. asks from Birmingham

My 6 wks old daughter is eating about 4oz. every 3 hours, but sometime after a feeding she looks like she is still hungry, I would try give her another 1oz., then she...


Help - Started Feeding Baby Formula and He Has Constipation

A.E. asks from Boston

Hi everyone, My son James is 2 1/2 months old. He has been weened off breastfeeding and has been formula feeding with soy for 2 weeks. Shortly after changing ove...


Help Please in Spoon Feeding and Softening Bowels

R.S. asks from New York

My two requests for help are related. My usually happy one year old daughter has been in terrible pain for the last two days because of very hard bowels that she has ...


Digestive Issues - What Should I Be Feeding Him?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

For over a week now, my 3 year old recently potty trained son has been having digestive issues. We took him into the doctor, because he kept complaining of a stomach ...


Feeding 3 Month Olds

T.M. asks from Wichita Falls

ok my son is on the similac advanced isomil soy because he couldnt tolerate milk based so he is up to 6 ounces which is 3 scoops but he is getting really constipated....