I Am Breast Feeding and Formula Feeding

Updated on June 30, 2008
S.S. asks from Dallas, TX
4 answers

This is my third child put with my other two I only breast feed for the first three months with this one I started out breastfeeding but am suplementing formula to make sure that he gets enough. With my last one that was a major problem and she lost aLOT of weight so I didnt want that to happen again my questions is how much if I was only formula feeding should he be eating. I breast feed first and then make him a bottle and he eats from 1-2 ozs from the bottle. Is that enough to much how do I know and when will I know to increase the bottle. Thanks is advance.

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answers from St. Louis on

At 2 weeks 2-3 oz every 2-3 hours is normal. Supplementing is okay, just keep in mind that you can overfeed your child as well as underfeed. Unless you know there was a problem with your breastmilk that caused the weight loss in you daughter, your son will probably get enough from you. Breastmilk is also supply and demand and the more he takes from a bottle the less he gets from you. If you want to get an accuarate gauge as to what he is taking in pump and give it to him in a bottle. I would encourage you to pump after you feed him at least every morning so that you have a store of breastmilk for later. I did not know to do this with my oldest and went back to work and had to supplement with formula. ( we mixed formula in the bottle with breastmilk) With my second I was able to store enough in the 1st 6 months that he has never had formula. You can also use it when he starts eating cereal. It simple, just use a hand or electric pump after he finishes eating and start storing it. I actually did it in the morning and before bed for the 1st three months. It probably won't take you long to get a 2-3 ounces. Once you have the amount you want to try, make him a bottle with 3 even 4 ounces in it and see how he acts. He should let you know when he is finished and then you will know how much he is getting total. Also remember that babies will sometimes take more formula at a time and eat less often because it is harder for them to digest. Breastfed babies tend to eat less more often because it is so easy for them to digest. Good luck! Enjoy your new baby boy!



answers from Amarillo on

I breastfed and formula fed also with my son. I nursed first and then made a 2 oz bottle for him. Granted, he usually didn't finish the 2 oz, but he drank more than 1. Just follow his clues. I think 1-2 oz is great! Congrats on your first son, you will love having a little boy!



answers from Dallas on

We are in a similar situation (you can see my post/question that explains in more detail). Our son is low weight and we are suplimenting with formula. However, I am pumping most of his feedings. I give 4 oz of formula at night before his bottle of breast milk. Two reasons: He will only take Emfamil Gentlease and initially he would not take it after breast milk (the good stuff). Now I don't think it matters to him which order, but the 2nd reason is because you have to throw out formula if he does not finish it. Now I'm thinking of only giving formula at the feeding. Good luck and congrats!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I breast and formula fed my son. I did things a bit differently I just cut out one breast feeding and replaced it with a bottle of formula if necessary. Normally that was about a 4 or 5 oz. If you nurse and then offer a bottle I assume that he wouldn't take too much so 1-2 oz sounds really good. Watch his cues... he will tell you when you need to increase the amount you give him, you may not need to anyhow, your milk production maybe able to keep up. If it doesn't then like I said I'm pretty sure he will tell you that he needs more to eat. Congrats on the boy! Little boys are soo fun!


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