Am I over Feeding??

Updated on June 16, 2014
H.C. asks from Birmingham, AL
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My 6 wks old daughter is eating about 4oz. every 3 hours, but sometime after a feeding she looks like she is still hungry, I would try give her another 1oz., then she would end up spit up that last oz.
Does anyone have an idea of how much to feed a 6 wks old? am I over feeding her?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everybody's advice, it was very helpful.
1/16 - She started to have diarrhea, I took her to the ped and metioned to him that she also spit up a lot, he says that she may have acid reflux, she was on isomil soy, he switched her to enfamil AR, after 2 days, she's having terrible gas from it and cried in pain with colic, so I called the ped, he switch her back on isomil, and told me to add a little rice cereal to it to thicken up the formula to help with reflux, she has been much better, and also sleeps for a lot longer.
1/22 - her spit up is better, but the diarrhea is back!! I don't know what is going on, maybe she's allergic to the soy too, i called ped, he says to leave her on it for rest of this week, maybe it's just from changing the formula, we have an appt next monday, hopefully it will get better before we go to the doctor.

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Regarding the reflux, my daughter had reflux. We tried 6-7 different types of formula including the entire Enfamil line. The only thing that worked for her was Nestles Good Start.
GL to you:)

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This is a link w/ a chart on how much to feed at what age. Remember its only a guideline and if your baby seems hungry, feed a bit more. Usually if the baby takes more, she is hungry. The reason for spitting up is gas. Make sure you burp her ever few ounces. With both my kids it was extremely necessary but they were pigs and didn't want to take a time out to be burped!! It also takes a while to get a burp out ... something I rushed through and paid for later ... ha ha ha! I hope this helped a little. Good luck!



answers from Mobile on

Maybe she isn't still hungry after the 4 oz and thats why she spits it up.. Maybe she needs to burp (again).. Or does she usually fall asleep on the last ounce?? It might be a comfort thing and thats why she is spitting it up.. 4 oz sounds about right (of course every baby is different) but I wouldn't worry that you are "over feeding"..



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I know my daughter did the same thing. At 6 weeks old she was taking 4 ounces every 3 hours. I would make sure before you give her that other ounce that she doesn't need to burp. I know little ones tend to act hungry when they are gassy..I hope this helps..



answers from Clarksville on

Babies will suck down just about any amount. Think about how tiny her little stomach is. She is answering the question for you by throwing up after eating. She may act like she is still hungry by sucking- but that is a natural reflex, and is what babies do. And if she is fussing after you take the bottle away, her belly may be upset. Bottle fed babies eat about every 3-4 hours, but what you may want to do is try to stretch her to 4 with that large amount, or continue to feed every 3, but decrease to 2-3 oz. Lots of burping will help too. Before you start, in the middle, and when she is finished.
Good luck!



answers from Benton Harbor on

4 ozs is what i feed my son and he used to do the same thing. Just make sure you burp her. If you feel like maybe she wants more than you can try a nuk also. Sometimes those are good for the sucking motion that the babies like.



answers from Birmingham on

Hi my son is 9 months and had a severe problem with throwing up and and so I thought he was over eating. I was breast feeding and one night he started almost having a seizure. I spoke to my midwife who works at the children's hospital and she told me it was severe reflux. She told me to have him up right for 30 minutes after each feeding and to elevate him while sleeping. I must say I didn't sleep at all for months not that I have yet...but long story not allowing him to be flat for 30 minutes after each feeding stopped the throw up and made his tummy feel better. The first time I tried it he was happier instantly.
I hope this helps. Also, go with your instinct is nothing else works, moms know there own babeis best. Good luck.
Warmest regards,



answers from Chattanooga on

4 oz sounds about right. I wouldnt worry about over feeding her.



answers from Knoxville on

I had my daughter in June and she ate between 3 and 4oz every 3 hours. Sometimes I would think she was still hungry, but when I gave her more, she would usually spit it up later, as you are describing. I figured out that she really just wanted to suck on something, so when I gave her a pacifier, she was fine. If she's truly hungry, she won't want that and will "root" with her mouth usually open. Hope this helps.



answers from Biloxi on

Hi H.,
I have a 17 year old and a baby almost 3 months as of feb 1st. we didn't wait to have another, i was told i couldn't have no more after the first one, and lucky i had her they told me, i was born with only 1 ovary and 1 tube so she was a suprise to us but a goodone i can't see our lives without her now. but i took her to the doctor he said 3-4 ozs every 3-4 hours was all she needed, like u i was thinking sometimes i was giving her to much, alot of times she still acted hungry this was when she was about 6-7 weeks she would get constipated bad in the hospital he put her on prosobee because the reg formula she would eat an oz and throw i up but when she got so constipated he switched her to gentalease but when we went for her 2 months i told him i was still having to give her miralax everyday to keep her going so he told me to start her on juice 1/2 juice 1/2 water and i could even do dark karo in 2 bottles a day a teaspoon i started with a little cereal in her bottles too she don't seem to spit up as bad with it in her cereal then if its not good luck with you and your little one and congrats i know our little one is so special to us a blessing to have after 17 years its like starting over when ur used to being able to get in the car and go now takes me a little longer lol C.



answers from Eugene on is the best article I have ever seen on this topic. It lists the five leading experts/authors in the world on it and shows who the original is on the subject and then who came after and how all of them have definite similarities we can draw on. (all 5 are also medical professionals).

For any mother that cares to research for herself, this site will also show you dozens of doctors and pediatricians support and comments for the Babywise methods that over 6 million parents love with their children over the last 24 years.

If you are interested in what the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks on this subject (they have over 50,000 more Pediatricians):

The AAP states that newborns "be nursed whenever they show signs of hunger..... approximately 8 to 12 times every 24 hours."

If you look at page 70 of On Becoming Babywise Pediatrician Robert Bucknam, M.D and co-author Gary Ezzo state, "with these recommended times you will average between 8 - 10 feedings a day."

Looks pretty safe to me as the AAP recommends the same exact amount of feedings for your baby and Pediatrician Bucknam/Ezzo recommend the same authority: the mom should make the call as to exactly when her baby is hungry.

When it comes to the concept of babies crying, the American Academy of Pediatrics (quoted in On Becoming Babywise on page 146 says, "Many babies cannot fall asleep more without crying and will go to sleep more quickly if left to cry for a while. The crying should not last long if the child is truly tired." The AAP goes on to say, "Sometimes you think your baby is waking up when she's actually going through a phase of very light slumber. She could be squirming, startling, fussing, or even crying-- and still be asleep. Or she may be awake but not on the verge of drifting off again if left alone. Do not make the mistake of trying to comfort her during these moments; you'll only awaken her further and delay her going back to sleep. Instead, if you let her fuss and even cry for a few minutes, she'll learn to get herself to sleep without relying on you." The AAP goes on to say, "same babies actually need to let off energy by crying in order to settle into sleep or rouse themselves out of it. As much as fifteen minutes of fussing will not do your child any harm. Just be sure she's not crying out of hunger or pain, or because her diaper is wet."

This is precisely the entire point of Babywise and from what I read, the whoe them of the book. I cannot fathom where all the rumors of "no medical backing" and "dangerous" come from as Pediatricians all over the country back what 23 year Pediatrician and author Robert Bucknam, M.D. and his co-author Gary Ezzo have written.

Moms-- enjoy this book, use your common sense..... and happy sleeping!!



answers from Jackson on

Hey! I just came across your request and wanted to see how you liked the Enfamil AR. My son is going for his 2 month check up Friday and I have been wondering myself if he has acid reflux. He is on regular Enfamil and spits up alot more than my first child. I tried one of the big cans of Gentlease and it really did not seem to help. Just wondering how you liked the AR and does she have to take any medication for the acid reflux?

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