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Need Recommendation for Best Carrier to Wear a Newborn Around the House

L.B. asks from New York

I already own an Ergo, a Baby Bjorn, a Kelty backpack, and a Moby, but I need something that I can take on and off easily that is safe and comfortable for a newborn. ...


Eating, Sleeping and Gas for a 5 1/2 Week Old

W.B. asks from Washington DC

My question has a few parts. First as background, my 5 1/2 week old is breastfeeding and gaining weight well. He was 9lbs 6 oz at birth and 11 lbs 2 oz at his one mo...


New Mom Needing Advice on Which Jogging Stroller to Purchase.

D.H. asks from Dallas

I just finished breast feeding and I'm ready to get back on the running trail. I don't know which jogging stroller to purchase. Is there one out there that is good qu...


How to choose a good baby backpack?

K. asks from Madison

I am planning on getting a baby backpack to use this spring and summer. Has anyone found a backpack that they really like. I want something that is not too bulky, s...


Hiking with a Toddler

S.R. asks from Fort Collins

I want to start going on some easy hikes with my 15 month old this summer (we live near Fort Collins), and I was wondering what recommendations you all had for natura...


Seeking Tips on Plane Travel with Infant

M. asks from Minneapolis

I'll be taking my first plane ride with my new daughter in September. I'm an experienced plane traveler, but I'm a little nervous about traveling with a baby. I'm loo...


2Nd on the Way and I Need Help Deciding on a Diaper Bag

H.C. asks from Sacramento

Hi Mommys! I have an 18 month old toddler and about to have my second very soon. I've gone through a couple random diaper bags with her (just cheapy ones)and now th...


Seeking Recommendations for Backpack-type Carrier

S.M. asks from New York

Hi Moms- I've been using a Babybjorn front carrier for my daughter's first 8.5 months (which she LOVES!) and will eventually need to put her on my back. I'm looking...


Slings and Wraps

D.C. asks from Dallas

What are your favorite baby slings or wraps and why do you like them? Do you have any slings or wraps that you dislike? I bought three different ones for baby #1 an...


Cry It Out?

H.S. asks from Saginaw

My newest little one is almost 2 months old, and while I love snuggling with him, he is making it impossible to get anything done lately. He normally is good at napp...