Self Feeding & Finger Foods: 24 Hour

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I Need a Baby Nurse - 24 Hour

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I'm looking for a baby nurse for after I give birth this summer. I'd like someone 24 hours for 2 weeks willing to work in the Beverlywood/Pico Robertson area. P...


Feedings in a 24 Hour Period

N.S. asks from San Francisco

My son is almost 5 months old. He usually eat every 3 hours a 7 ounce bottle and an 8 ounce bottle before he goes to bed. Lately he is going 4 or even 5 hours without...


At 18 Months, Is Breast Feeding Reason to Withhold 24 Hour or Longer Visitation?

C.M. asks from San Francisco

Hey mom's, I'm a dad. I have an 18 month lil'boy and I enjoy nothing more than spending time with him and taking him to museums, parks, beaches, play dates, play g...


Feeding Schedule

B.R. asks from Indianapolis

My son is 4 months old, weighs about 15 1/2 pounds, beautiful and healthy. My doc says to feed him whatever it is he is happy with. We have him on a pretty strict f...


Feeding Too Often?

R.B. asks from Philadelphia

When my daughter was first born she wasn't gaining any weight so the pediatrician had me feeding her every a hour and a half to two hours. Now she is 3 1/2 months ol...


Question About Middle of the Night Feed

G.M. asks from Boston

I have a little girl who is 25 weeks old. She was typically getting up around 5am to be fed, and then I'd put her back to sleep and we'd get up around 6:30-7 for the ...


Feeding My 4 Month Old...

E.W. asks from Dallas

My daughter is just about to turn 4 months old in a couple of days. I am feeding her Gentlease and she is taking about 6 oz. per feeding. She is still getting hungry ...



A.S. asks from Albany

I have a 5 month old.. I have some questions.. 1. We just started rice cereal on Tues, and she seemed to like it at first, but now really doesn't. Should I keep try...


How Often to Feed!

B.B. asks from Los Angeles

My baby is 12 weeks old and for the last 3 nights hse has really ben sleeping. It has been great. Since she isn't waking for a feeding in the middle of the night shou...


Question for Moms Who Feed Infant Formula at NIGHT

M.J. asks from Chicago

Please, no breastfeeding lectures. I am forced to formula feed my infant due to having to be on anti-psych medications for my severe post partum depression, that is u...