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Help Stop Breatst Feeding and Get 8 Month Out of the Bed!

L.T. asks from Norfolk

Love my baby girl and have no problem leting her sleep in our bed. My man has not complained at all. But I know he is not really happy with it. It is just that I can ...


Seeking Sitter for LARGE Breed Dogs- Mastiffs in Holland/ Zeeland Area.

D.N. asks from Grand Rapids

Having a terrible time finding sitter for family vacation. (I have checked the sitter city site to no avail) Would like to have someone come to the house to feed, let...


Sleepless Nights with a 13 Week Old

A.D. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 13 week old little girl. Her last feeding is around 11:30 pm - midnight. She hasn't been a great sleeper yet and lately she is waking around 3 am. She does n...


Big Sister Gift

C.H. asks from Denver

We are getting ready to welcome baby #2 and are trying to figure out something sweet that the baby can give to our DD (17mo) upon his/her arrival. We were thinking ei...


Weaning off a 2 Year Old... Need Help

G.G. asks from Philadelphia

I have been nursing my 24 month old baby girl ever since she was born. At birth she was detected with a milk protein allergy. She took a top feed as well but at 4 mon...


Need Sleep!

S.P. asks from Los Angeles

I request sleep! My 5 month old is waking up 3-4 times a night. She has been doing this for the past 2 months. This is our routine: Bath at about 8pm, nursing ses...


Weaning from Breastfeeding

L.C. asks from Austin

My daughter is 16 months old and still breastfeeding, in addition to eating 'adult' food. She can drink from a sippy cup or bottle, and has started drinking cow's mil...


18 Mo and Not Eating

J.A. asks from Washington DC

Hello everyone! I am desperate for some advice or other opinions. I was inspired to write in from reading the request and responses to Chantel's question. My daugh...


My Five Month Old Will Not Sleep

L.S. asks from Portland

Okay so my five month old son can not get into a bedtime routine..I have tried co sleeping, swaddling and feeding before bed everything. The only time we can get him ...



S.L. asks from Boston

Hi, just wondering what I can do for my sister... She is on vacation and her cat has fleas. She is an outdoor cat and I already bought and put on a flea collar for ...