Self Feeding & Finger Foods: Saline Drops

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3.5 Month .do I Have to Feed Her Rice Cereal and She Is Having Troubles with Gas

M.M. asks from Jamestown

My 3.5 month old girl began life with colic which lasted about 3 months. The last three weeks have been bliss not having to deal with the intense screaming. She is ...


7Wk Old with Cold

C.M. asks from Madison

My 7wk old boy has his first cold and is vary stuffed up. I have a humidifier and saline drops for his nose. Any other advice on how to releive his stuffyness would b...


Advice on How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose

J.B. asks from Fayetteville

My 3 month old is pretty congested. I've been putting saline drops in her nose and giving her Triaminic thin strips decongestant. Is there anything else I can do so s...


Newborn Nasal Congestion

V.A. asks from Dallas

My 7 week old is having a lot of congetion. He recently started having a dry cough because of the drainage. The doc told me to use the saline drops, and suction out...


Difficulty with Bottle Feeding

L.R. asks from Pocatello

I have a 5 week old infant who has gone through a number of formula changes over his short life, is on reflux meds and gas drops w/gripe water (all suggestions from m...


Best Medicine for 6 Month Old

W.W. asks from Houston

My 6 month old has a runny nose and a cough for the third time this year. The first and second time I took her to the pediatrician she told me to give her saline dro...


2 Month Old Too Congested to Eat

K.H. asks from Washington DC

My daughter has been congested since birth it seems. However, her congestion is now interferring with her eating. She appears very hungry, but it seems like she can...


Prevent a Cold Leading to Ear Infection

M.V. asks from San Francisco

Hi, My 8 month old daughter is running an ear infection now. She had one last month as well. I am just wondering if there are any precautions that can be taken whe...


5 1/2 Month Old with Stuffy Nose

T.M. asks from Denver

Does anyone have some advice on how to clear up my baby's nose? He is 5 1/2 months old and has a stuffy nose, sneezes and a little bit of a cough. The biggest problem...


Remedies for Congestion in a Newborn

L.W. asks from Houston

My son is six weeks old and has had problems with congestion for a few weeks, but it seems to be getting worse. I use saline drops and try to clean his nose several t...