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Booster Seat for Feeding

H.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms - My daughter has started solids, and we've been feeding her while she is in her Bumbo. That's working for now, but I know soon I'll need a better solution...


Nasal Care

C.A. asks from Los Angeles

My baby recently have had a middle infection. Do you know the best way to prevent this? I heard from my friend and she told me that using aspirator to suck mucus out....


Toddler at the Table

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter who will be 22 months next week currently sits in a Safety 1st Grow with Me Portable Booster Seat at the kitchen table. She still fits in the seat but sh...


Feeding 16Mnth Boy Refusing to Get Indoes Stokke Highchair Help Being Nx Table.

S.G. asks from New York

Hi there I have 2 children a 3yr old and a 16mnth old have a great high chair by peg prego but son now refusing to get in. And throwing food everywhere any suggestion...


Colic in 6 Week Old?

H.T. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms! My 6 week old baby girl has been very fussy at about 8pm every night for the past week or so and impossible to console. This can go on for an hour or sev...


Seeking Recommendations for Good, Portable Highchair/booster Seat

L.W. asks from Houston

Hi, I have a 14 month old son and use a regular high chair at home with him. I am looking for something for use at the grandparents' houses. They don't really want a ...


Transition from High Chair to Chair and Table

A.K. asks from Chicago

our soon to be 18-month old son makes a huge fuss everytime we try and put him in his highchair to eat at home. At daycare, he sits in a transition chair at the tabl...


Looking for Highchair

E.G. asks from Chicago

I'm wondering what your experience has been with highchairs and if anyone has one to sell. The ones that clip on to the table seem to be a good option but then again,...


Booster Seat for 15 Month Old

K.S. asks from Dallas

I need advice on buying a booster seat for my 15 month old daughter. We just purchased a counter height dining table, so her high chair will be too low to use. I wa...


Video Monitor Recommendations?

A.S. asks from Portland

My son is almost 2 1/2 and we've been through 3 different video monitors. We started with 2 different Summer Infant monitors and then just tried the iBaby monitor th...