Miralax - How Long Did Your Child Take It?

Updated on September 27, 2010
H.A. asks from San Francisco, CA
7 answers

Hi there,

If your child took Miralax, I'm wondering how long s/he was on it? Our little one is three years old and has had constipation issues for the past two years, since she was a year old. She has been on Miralax, or a similar medicine for over a year.

My husband and I hate that she's been on medication for so long, and are considering putting her on a non-dairy diet to see if that will work instead (that was the only other suggestion from our pediatrician besides Miralax, since we've tried all other dietary adjustments). With Miralax she goes every day with no problem, so it's hard to stop using it! When we've tried to cut down the dose her stools gradually become harder and harder and it's torturous for her to pass them.

(I'm not going into all the things we've tried instead of medication, but we tried all of the diet adjustments: fiber, fruit, liquids, etc. and nothing has worked, so no need to suggest other tricks, thank you!)

Anyway, I've heard that kids grow out of this constipation, but I'm wondering how long it takes? I know every child is different, but I'd love to hear your experience. And if your child had this kind of extreme, chronic constipation, did cutting out dairy help your child?

Thank you!


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answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter had issues too......our dr told me to give her miralax as often as needed, daily, not to exceed the daily adult dosage. I usually gave her 1-2 teaspoons in her milk (once a day). The dr also told me it was non habit forming, like a laxitive so it was safe indefinately. If you aren't sure, call the dr office and talk to the dr or nurse. Good luck. :) I can tell you that my daughter has grown out of it for the most part and she is almost 4. She now only needs it on rare occasions. BTW, it is very possibly that her body/system is pefectly fine going only a few times a week.



answers from Hartford on

My daughter was on Miralax from the age of 3 until she was 3 months shy of 6. Her issue was with absorption of fluids and slight constipation which would end up causing her to get a UTI. We learned that we needed to pay very close attention to the amount of bread and bread type products she would consume in a day. I had to really police it, like if she had toast for breakfast, no sandwich for lunch. If she was going to have pizza for lunch at school she couldn't have french toast for breakfast. When we were lax in our diligence, it showed. She is 9 now and even though she is off the Miralax we watch her intake closely and make sure she gets plenty of fiber...thank goodness she likes apples!



answers from Columbus on

My daughter was on it for over a year, probably about 15 months. It made it easier for her to go, but it didn't correct any problem. I decided to take her off of it because I was disgusted at the thought of continuously putting chemicals in her body- for over a year! We tried dietary restrictions and it didn't help her. I know you don't want suggestions, but we did have success with Pedia Lax gummies. She goes now every 3 days or so, and her stools have become slightly easier to pass, but we've had to just accept that it's the way she is, and it's easier now that she's almost 5 to communicate with her about it. Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

Our daughter's been on it almost a year. She had 2 doses of it yesterday and still hasn't pooped in several days. She has what is considered encopresis. We haven't had a discussion with the pediatrician about when to stop it because it hasn't been fully corrected.



answers from San Francisco on

Our daughter was on it for over a year, I think from age 2. Every once in awhile, we'd go off it to see if things were better on their own. At some point around age 4, they were.

I'm very grateful for Miralax. My daughter was eating plenty of fiber and drinking plenty of water. And still, she would have tremendously painful poops and it was excruciating to not be able to ease her though the pain. Miralax made life and potty training so much more pleasant.




answers from New York on

If I remember correctly it was about 3 years. I too had tried all the dietary adjustments. She was being treated by a specialist, who also had us meet with a nutritionist. Eventually she just grew out of it.



answers from St. Louis on

My baby's 3& 1/2 And has had server const. probs for about 1 & 1/2 yrs on & off... Miralax is what all the Dr's keep telling us to use, but its like he either has the runs or is affraid to poopy bc he's affraid it will hurt! Its gotten to the point where he know has a lazeration in his rectom(from the hard poopy And straining) And we had x-rays done this past Sat. & they showed his upper intestence are full, lower was ok bc he passed a bowel movement that morning, but we need to have him "cleaned out". I know the Miralax helps him to go, but is it "cleaning him out?"

I have scheduled a G.I. appt( Gastrololgist)-(Spelling may b wrong?) through Childrens Hosp so he can be thouroghly examinded!!! Unfortunately that appt. isnt til Oct. 14th, 2010. And today's Sept. 27th!! I know to feed him a high fiber diet & to cut back on milk & cheese... but any1 w/a tipical 3 yr old knows its hard to get them to eat/drink everything they you want them to or are suppose to!!! ** I would ♥ to stay updated w/ u and share advice (through our experiece & Trial & Error!!) that could possibly help us get our babies through this so they can stop suffering!!!** >> It breaks my heart when he's screaming cuz it hurts him sooo bad, & there's even been a few times I had to run out & get a pediatric enima(didnt wanna do that but it was the only fast solution to relieve his pain) but I just dont know if Miralax is really "cleaning him out" Ya know what I mean??? Yes, it keeps him from passing hard, painful poopy- but is that 'really healthy' to give it to him sooo much & sooo often?! I would be more than happy to share any advice and experiences w/ u & hear yours... and see if maybe we could help each other get our babies through this!!!
We have cut back on chocolate milk and some other dairy & I substituted that w/ A genaric PediSure for toodlers (I buy it @Wal-Mart) I buy the Pedicure w/ the added fiber. Seems to help, Also Taking a daily probiotic helps also... he is 3 & 1/2. I would so appreciate it if we could stay n touch... here's my email: [email protected]____.com And Im also on Facebook: A. Christine S./ send a friend request if you'd like♥
I also 2 older kids ; Ages 12 & 11, never went through this w/ them.... So any1 to talk to would be great!!!

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