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Brand New 3 Month Old to My Family Daycare---unusual Feeding Schedule

R.F. asks from Syracuse

First three days of caring for precious 3 month old baby boy. He is happy, loves stimulation and children being around. LOVES to be held and especially talked to. ...


Anyone Have a Great Baby Carrier They Recommend

K.T. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I'm expecting my second in August. I still need to have two hands free to keep track of my 2 1/2 year old so I'm considering purchasing a Snugli, Baby Bjorn,...


Hot Slings & Other Baby Carriers

K.B. asks from New York

HI Gals! I was wondering, does anyone out there use a Hot Sling baby carrier? If so, how do you like it? Or did you try it and not like it? How about other baby ca...


Having to Hold Baby Constantly

K.C. asks from Grand Junction

I have a 9 weeks old baby who is fine when I am holding him but the second I set him down he screams out. He cries so hard until I pick him up and he is fine. I have ...


Flying/traveling with a 3 Month Old

S.T. asks from Seattle

I hope to travel in August with my new baby girl. My husband is going to New York for a week in August for work, and I plan on going along with the baby. I'm guessin...


What Should I Take with Me on My Vacation to Florida for My Baby?

R.W. asks from Tulsa

I'm taking a one week trip with my best friend to Florida to visit her dad's next month. I'm taking my 6 month old daughter with me on the plane. I was just wondering...


Ok Mommies I Need Help!?

M.T. asks from Columbus

ok my son is 2 1/2 months and he has been on 6 different kinds of formula! we are now on alimentum! we have been dealing with this issue since birth. we are also fort...


Help. My 3 Week Old Won't Stop Eating.

A.S. asks from Chicago

I have a 3 week old and he won't stop eating. I don't know how I have so much milk. If he is awake, he wants to eat. If he dozes while eating, I'll pull him away, ...


Need Advice on Adjusting to Two Kids

K.S. asks from Denver

I have a 11 week old daughter, and I have been struggling with how to adjust to having her and still meet the needs of my almost two year old son. He has been great s...


Almost 7 Month Old Sleep and Eating Issues

A.D. asks from Sacramento

My baby girl is about a week shy of 7 months old,she is very healthy(21Lb),breastfed, and just got her first tooth. My first question is about sleep. Her schedul...