Reduced Feeding as Before.

Updated on February 22, 2010
A.S. asks from Metairie, LA
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My daughter is 4months and three weeks old. She is feeding very less as compared to before. Whatever she could hold she puts in her mouth, but when I try to feed her she ignores. When she is very hungry she feeds little and starts playing again. Am worried if this reduces her weight.

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who replied to my concern. This has really helped me to reduce my worry. Yes, she has learnt to grab on things, especially moving objects like her toys, our fingers, etc. and puts directly into her mouth. I have often seen her chewing her things. Dont know what she chews as she is feeding completely only breast milk.She is my first child, so I dont know whats the exact age when the tooth is going to come out. Is there any other symptoms, besides swollen gums, to find out if her first tooth is about to come?

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My son's eating habits have always been like a roller coaster. They still are and he is 2 now. He will eat like he has a bottomless pit for a stomach, then eat hardly anything. His ups and downs always coordinated with growth spurts and new milestones. He would eat a ton, grow a few inches, then slow down and eat almost nothing, then it would level off to a normal amount, til he did it all over again. Or he would quit eating after he reached a new milestone like the grabbing items, and would stay that way until a new growth spurt was starting. Unless she noticeably drops weight, this is normal and you don't need to worry. Like I said, my son has always been that way.



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i think that putting the held item in hand in her mouth is just her meeting her developemental milestone of grabbing and putting in her mouth. at a little over 4 months is she consistently eating around every 4 hours? is she nursing? if she is, at this time they usually become more efficient and can eat faster. if she ignores you and acts satified, then hold her off until as close as possible to her next feeding time.if its a snacking issue this will help encourage her to get a full feeding and get back on her routine. if its an issue with getting distracted( my first child and second child did this)i would get in a quiet room and cover them with a blanket while eating so they were not distracted much..



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Agree with Eleanor. I think she's just learned to grasp items and hit the milestone of repeating an action (bringing it to her mouth).

Our pediatrician told us early on that babies are amazing self-regulating creatures. They will not let themselves go hungry. If it continues to be a real concern, you'll have a well-baby visit in a few months, I'd be sure to ask the pediatrician at that time about her weight and eating habits.

Here's some direction from the American Academy of Pediatrics parenting site on where she should be at her age:



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Sounds like she may already be starting to teeth. Know it sounds kind of early but some kids have the see saw method of teething...up down up down for months before you actually see a tooth pop thru. Check to see if her gums are swollen. They love to chew on things..but hate to eat. If they are swollen try letting her chew on something cold or use some teething gel before you feed her. Will numb her gums. Also, remember that that is how babies feel things out by putting it in their mouth. She may just be preoccupied by learning things around her and eating isn't her priority. Kinda like teenagers and their cell phones..nothing else matters.

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