Self Feeding & Finger Foods: Aveeno

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S.M. asks from Houston

I have a 3 1/2 Month old girl. When is it the righ time to start feeding your child more solid foods other than cereal and juice? Right now she eats a 6oz. bottle of ...


How Do I Get My 4 Month Old to Feed from the Bottle?

J.P. asks from San Francisco

My 4 month old daughter is too used to the breast and will not feed from the bottle. When we try and give it to her, she fusses, screams and cries until we give her ...


Can You Use Any Skin Creams or Fragrance on Your Breast While Breast Feeding

B.N. asks from New York

I stop putting any thing on my chest area since I started breast feeding . I am afraid that it may be bad for the baby especially I carry him most of the time on my ...


Another Feeding Question

K.R. asks from Chicago

I know there are quite a few questions like my baby eating often should he eat...etc, etc...but my son was a little PIGGY for the past few week...


Diaper Rash

J.M. asks from McAllen

I have a 2 year old who has very sensitive skin. Whenever he has a cough w/ flem he gets diarrhea and the rash begins. His skin is so sensitive that he begins to blee...


Seeking Proven Eczema Solution for 6 Month Old

N.S. asks from Washington DC

My 6 month old daughter has developed a terrible case of eczema over her arms, legs, trunk, and face. She is usually in good spirits, but scratches all day. I have ...


Cradle Cap Remedies?

A.H. asks from Richmond

My 2.5 month old has terrible cradle cap and now has icky crusty patches on his arms too. The ped only suggested we use Head and Shoulders for the cap but I know the...


6 Mo. Old with Bad Exzema?

C.H. asks from Seattle

My daughter has really bad looking "patches" of dry, red skin on her face [mainly on her cheeks]. I've tried Aveeno Baby lotion [for exzema] and her pediatrician said...


Lotion on Infant?

D.N. asks from San Francisco

I received all kinds of lotions (mustela, califorinia baby, aveeno) at my showers but I haven't noticed any dry skin or need to moisturize my son. My husband and I do...


REALLY Bad Diaper Rash After Taking Amoxicillan

L.N. asks from Dallas

My DD of 5 1/2 months has a relly bad rash that seems to be painful when she goes number 1 or number 2. I have been using Aveeno and that has worked well in the past ...