Preschooler: Water Toys

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Best Bath Toys?

J.L. asks from Dallas

Time to throw out my toddler's bath toys and get a new set in time for Christmas. Any suggestions? We're kinda grossed out by the squirt toys because you can't full...


Daily Summer Schedule

K.W. asks from Washington DC

Now that summer is approaching and my oldest will be out of school, I wanted to get some ideas for a daily schedule. My boys are 3 (turns 4 next month) and 6. Both wi...


Looking for a Daycare in McKinney, TX (Not a Home Daycare)

L.M. asks from Dallas

I am looking for an excellent daycare at a center with a great reputation for a toddler.


Outdoor Toys

L.S. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms and Grandmas! I am a grandma to six grandsons.....I am looking for suggestions of some type of toy or game or whatever to buy to keep them occupied outside!...


Bath Time??

E.B. asks from Seattle

So, I am trying to get us in sinc here. We have never been a family to stay with a schedule. I have in the last month trying to get us on one that works for us. So...


Not Napping Three Year Old

T.S. asks from Boca Raton

My three year old (soon to be four) has recently given up his naps. I appreciate that it was time and I was lucky he did nap (and nap well) for so long. My issue is t...


Fear of Swimming? and How to Approach It?

R.H. asks from Los Angeles

A friend of ours gives our 4 yr old son private swim lessons, and we can get him in the water, and he might kick a little and even blow a few bubbles, but beyond that...


Need Advice: for My Daugther 2Nd Birthday Party

S.L. asks from Washington DC

First i did not plan to have the birthday party for my daugther this year, but my husband wants to. so, I have to start looking for places and idea for celebrate his...


Asking Advice from Experienced TWIN MOMS

A.H. asks from Toledo

Summer is fast approaching, and as the Mom of 5 I am looking for some advice. How have you taken your 1 1/2 year old twins to a public swimming pool for an enjoyable...


Need Ideas for Summer Time Fun at Home

S.T. asks from Kansas City

What are some ideas for summer time fun at home? I have an in home daycare and I won't have my moms help this summer to take the kids anywhere so I'm trying to find s...