Preschooler: Water Toys

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Looking for Suggestions for Goodie Bags for 3Yr Olds Party

L.H. asks from Houston

Hello ladies... Seeking your ideas for age appropriate goodie bags fillers for 3yr old boy's birthday party... trying to keep it as economical as possible...


Bad Aunt Guilt and Older Kids Easter Baskets

L.M. asks from Cleveland

ok, my kidsa re 10 and 8, dd just got a huge thing of sidewalk chalk in january, both kids have book fairs coming up and will be gettign new books, DH jumped the gun...


Seeking Creative Moms

S.M. asks from Mobile

I am caring for some friends children and need a few fun ideas to distract them with if they are not behaving. The childrens ages are 2 - 8 yrs. It was easier to be ...


Piggy Back on Bathing with Kids...

B.B. asks from Dallas

Am I the only one who DOESNT bath with their kids, and think that they shouldnt? I think maybe once, I was taking a shower and my daughter wanted to "shower" instead...


Have You Used a Toy Sand or Water Table with Beans or Rice? Experiences?

L.B. asks from New York

I would like to get a water or sand table toy for my toddler, but since it will be on the porch, I was thinking of filling it with beans or rice. If anyone has done ...


Outdoor Fun for 1 Year Old

N.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I am looking for outdoor play equipment suggestions for my 17 month old. Sandboxes? Tricycles? We have a subdivision playground, so she has access to sl...


Floaties/Life Jacket Suggestions for 21-Month-old

A.B. asks from Dallas

With the approaching holiday weekend, just wanted to get suggestions on floaties/life jackets you have used with your little one. Not that he will be in the swimming ...


Birthday Idea's

T.R. asks from Daytona Beach

My son is turning 6 years old and i want to do something special been and done everything.. I live in florida.. Want to do something different and he'll enjoy.. Any i...


Seeking Suggestions for Galveston Summer Stay

J.S. asks from Dallas

We were thinking of making a trip to Galveston this summer with our toddler boys. Does anyone have any suggestions of good 2 bedroom condos on the beach that are fam...


Activities for Multiple Toddlers of Varying Ages

K.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi! I am an extremely busy SAHM of 16-month-old boy/girl twins & a son who turned 3 today! My problem is I live in Phoenix, AZ & now that the summer is here we hav...