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Lose the Baby Weight

J.T. asks from Chicago

O.k. ladies seriously, what have you done to lose the baby weight. I realize there is no easy way out but I feel like my midsection will never be the same. I've done ...


Looking to Loose 15 Lbs, Need a Workout/diet Plan

S.S. asks from Atlanta

My daughter is almost 9 months old now... it's time to do something about this flab! I was 125 pp and I was 165 when I went into labor with Kayleigh. CRAZY, how I los...


Having Trouble Finally Losing the Baby Weight - Need Advice, Motivation!

A.N. asks from Indianapolis

Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old son, and am having such a hard time losing the baby weight. Really, the probably is I'm struggling with the motivation to do it! A...


Seeking for Advice on Detox Pills

A.S. asks from New York

I had my baby a year ago and never cared about loosing the pregnancy weight. I think I'm ready now. I did weight watchers before, so I know pretty much about what to ...


That Extra Baby Weight

E.T. asks from Canton

Ok here it is: I gained 80lbs. with my daughter, and lost 60lbs. of it. I got pregnant with my son when my daughter was 5 months old. I gained 60lbs. with my son, and...


Any Tips for Losing Baby Weight?

S.M. asks from Youngstown

I have an 8 month old daughter and I'm still holding on to an extra 25 lbs of fat and feel gross. None of my old clothes even come close to fitting. I really don't h...


Weight Loss

J.B. asks from Denver

I have had 2 kids. My eldest was born 2 years ago and most recent is nearly 1 year old. With the first baby I lost al but 10lbs before I found out I was pregnant agai...


Hard to Loose Weight After 2Nd Baby

L.H. asks from Spokane

I have always weighted roughly 125 and after my son and breastfeeding I found it was very easy to get my weight off. I had a baby girl about 8 months ago and although...


Have You Lost (And Kept Off) a Significant Amount of Weight?

X.O. asks from Chicago

I've packed on pounds over the past 10 years (after losing 30 lbs on Atkins in my early 20s) with 4 pregnancies and not nearly enough activity (compared with my teen ...


Help with Sister

T.H. asks from Topeka

Hi Ladies! Please don't judge me but here is my problem. I have a sister whom I love dearly. She is the nicest person & greatest aunt to my kids. She has been married...