Looking for CHEAPEST Bundles of Home Phone, Cell Phone, & Internet - Vonage?

Updated on June 07, 2007
M.L. asks from Gardner, KS
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Hey everyone!

We're moving soon & I'm trying to research some things in advance. What's the best & cheapest way to go for Home phone, cell phone, and Internet in the KC area? We currently have the AT&T Complete Choice Package Bundle (home phone, cell phone, & DSL). Our approx. monthly payment for everything is around $225.

I did a little research for VONAGE. Does anyone have VONAGE? With Vonage I figure we're looking at about $24.99 + around $20 (for DSL) would total about $50 (with taxes). I did come across earthlink and other phone services but I'd like your suggestions for the cheapest ones. Does anyone know if you can have DSL without having a home phone?

Thanks a bunch for your help! :)

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So What Happened?

THANKS to everyone for your advice. We have decided to just get a LOCAL phone for now and use our cell phones for all out-of-state calling. We also have the cheapest DSL through AT&T. I think because our income situation (moving and job changes) we've decided to go with this plan for now. We have Cingular Wireless & are using AT&T.

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Hello M.,
You might check out SBC/ATT. We have the DSL and home phone service with unlimited in and out of state long distance (since all of our family is out of town) and pay with tax each month $78. I have had road runner cable internet in the past and the dsl is just as fast and have not had anything go wrong in the last year at all. They also offer packages with cingular wireless and direct tv? but my husband has issues with too many channel choices and getting up and doing productive things so we don't have cable. (LOL) I know it is one of the cable companies. I also know people with the Time warner cable package, but when the digital cable goes out for what ever reason so does your home phone. My niece was without a phone one day all day because the cable was having problems.
The website for sbc/att is www.att.net, or www.sbc.com .
Good luck,

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Hi M.,
I live in Independence, Mo and we have comcast cable and we have high speed internet and the phone. We also have 2 dvr cable boxes one is dual where we can record 2 shows at once and then watch one we have already recorded. I couldn't live without it now. We also have 1 more regular cable box. We are into Xbox 360 games and we have 3 of them and 1 desk top computer and 1 laptop none of this lags or anything like this. I don't know if comcast is where you are moving to so you might have to check. We also like the phone service that we have with it also. Our bill is around $225 to $250 a month. Hope this helps W.

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We have the time warner bundle and pay approx 165-176 per month. We have 3 dvrs'. Those are the machines that record tv programs like tivo. We have cable in 4 places so one is just the basic cable without a box. We have the telephone and free long distance in the US and Canada. We have high speed directly to one computer and use a wireless device to send it to the other computers. We don't have any movie channels and rent usually 2-3 movies on pay per view each month.


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Hi M.,

I have heard that Vonage gets down a lot. I work from home so I was needing a good reliable service with free long distance, I got it now with Time Warner, I don't have the whole package, I have High speed Internet and phone with unlimited free long distance (US, Canada and Puerto Rico), caller ID and 3 way for less than I was paying at&t and Dial up before.
Check their website, you can find several packages there to match your needs.
It works great and there is always someone to call to help you with your problem, everything is covered for a small $1.99 fee, they'll come and fix anything!
Hope you find what you are looking for and the best of luck.

Mariana Abadie

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We had the Time Warner package with cable (HBO, Cinemax, DVR), unlimited phone, and Roadrunner for about $125/month, with taxes. I cancelled it because they didn't know what they were doing!

The phone went out at least once a month, sometimes for days at a time, the cable and internet both went out frequently, and the wait time to talk to a representative was at least an hour most times that I called. To top it off, they told me it would work with my home alarm (Brinks), but then MONTHS later they admitted it didn't. So for months, while my husband was away working in another state and I was pregnant, my house alarm did not work and often, my phone didn't either. Also, their installer caused hundreds of dollars of damage to my home that they had to reimburse me for.

Maybe I just got the worst possible scenario from them, but since we have gotten DSL and phone with $0.03/minute long distance from AT&T, and we have not had a single problem in the same amount of time. The DSL is almost exactly as fast as the cable, never slow enough for me to be bothered, and half the price. Our bill is around $55-60/month, without cable or satellite. To add cable, it would be about $45 more/month. You should check if you have Comcast or Time Warner in your area, and no, you cannot have DSL without a home phone line.



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I would check out the Cable company here. I believe it runs around 100.00 for phone, cable, internet. I don't believe they have cell phones. But there are so many options there. Best of luck on your move. May your travels be safe.

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