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Seeking Advice on Infant's Rash

J.P. asks from Miami

My 9 month old son developed a rash about a month ago around his neck and it has spread to his torso and diaper area. His pediatrician prescribed hydrocortisone cream...


"Pimples" on Butt

A.B. asks from Oklahoma City

My daughter has pimples on her butt. She doesn't have a rash on her "areas" but pimples on her butt. I used the butt paste when she is with me and it works and they s...


Dyshidrotic Eczema

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

I have this on my left pointer finger. It is driving me crazy and It's so embarrassing! I was prescribed hydrocortisone cream a few days ago, but it hasn't helped muc...


Rash from Wedding/Engagement Rings

N.N. asks from Chicago

I've been married for nearly five years and just recently developed a rash under my wedding and engagements rings. Both are 18K white gold and I had them appraised, s...


Mosquito Bites?

A.M. asks from Detroit

My daughter has sensitive skin and mosquitos seem to love her. Anytime she is bit, the bite lasts for weeks and she is miserable for days. She got bit last night (n...


Help with Eczema

S. asks from Chicago

My 5 month old has a small patch of eczema on his cheek. I've used hydrocortisone cream, aquaphor and eucerin. Sometimes it goes away a little but always keeps coming...


Baby Eczema

M.Y. asks from Denver

I am looking for a remedy for baby eczema. I have a 3 1/2 month girl. She constantly has this on her face. She has it on her arms, legs, and belly area. I have used ...


Anti-itch Cream During Pregnancy

H.M. asks from Phoenix

Hi mommies, I am 13 weeks pregnant and have developed these itching red-bump on my belly. Has any one of you hAve this during pregnancy? if yes, please share yo...


9 Month Old with Acne

H.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi Everyone, My son has developed acne on his cheeks. Its not bad, just a few bumps here and there. My pedi suggested putting a thin layer of 1% hydrocortisone ...


Red Stomach Rash

K.L. asks from Tampa

My 6 month old has red dry patches over his stomach. I noticed it yesterday and it seemed to be better this morning. Unfortunately, it seems to be worse tonight. I...