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Acid Mantle (Cream Mixed with Hydrocortisone) - Is It Safe?

J.L. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 15 month old son who has extremely sensitive skin and had horrible ezcema (sp?) since he was an infant. We found out that it was mostly caused by an allergy...


Acyclovir/Amantadine/Hydrocortisone/Fluconazole Protocol for 11 Year Old...

R.M. asks from Austin

I have an 11 year old with whom we have struggled for years with regard to behavior. He has never had an actual "diagnosis" but we took him to see Dr. Kendal Stewart ...


Help with 12 Year Old - Itchy Scalp

D.Z. asks from Yuba City

Hi moms, I am hoping to get some different points of view of what can be going on with my 12 year old. She has had an itchy head for a couple of years now. I attribu...


12 Year Old with Bumpy Rash?

K.W. asks from Minneapolis

My son called me at work yesterday complaining that he had a rash on his chest and it was itching. I asked him to put a cool wash rag or an ice pack on it until I cou...


Advice on Toddlers Face Rash

R.L. asks from Seattle

My daughter is 20 months and she has this rash on her lower part of her cheeks on both sides, has anyone ever come across this? If so, what do you suggest? I was told...


Skin Care for 10 Year Old

K.W. asks from Chattanooga

My Granddaughter has rough bumps on her face and the back of her arms. Description: red bumps and some have whiteheads, feels like sand paper. The doctor says nothi...


Help with Eczema

M.A. asks from Minneapolis

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his breakouts under control. The doctors are not so helpful on what is causing it (basically say...


Baby Eczema

M.Y. asks from Denver

I am looking for a remedy for baby eczema. I have a 3 1/2 month girl. She constantly has this on her face. She has it on her arms, legs, and belly area. I have used ...


Red Nipple Concerns

B.B. asks from Washington DC

My 6 month old daughter just went to the pedia on Friday and she has the same mild baby eczema that my first daughter did. The pedia looked her over and said she look...


My 15 Weeks Old Has Severe Eczema on Face - HELP!!

C.C. asks from Chicago

We are now on formula number 4 per our pediatrician to see if allergy related - from Enfamil Newborn, to Gentleease to Soy and now on a hypoallogenic one. His face se...