Molar pregnancy

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S.K. asks from Dubuque

I took 3 pregnancy tests last week, a really cheap store brand and then two digital ones, all three said positive, and then the doctors test said positive. Then in m...


This Has Never Happened Before

C.F. asks from Sioux City

I am only 6 weeks along and am cramping and bleeding. The bleeding is really heavy like a period. I have went to the doctor about 6 times in the last week even up t...


Vaginal U/S Showed No Fetal Pole, No Heartbeat, Low Hcg

L.R. asks from Huntsville

So all of you who have been following my story know that I recently became pregnant after a miscarriage in March. I received a positive pregnancy test a few weeks ago...


Looking for Moms of Multiples!

J.K. asks from Omaha

Hi all! I have a question about pregnancy with multiples. My big sister just found out a week or so ago that her in vitro took! She is DEFINATELY pregnant! At 2wk...


Someone Please Help Me Understand What Is Going On??

N.H. asks from Washington DC

I am soooooooo upset about this whole situation and no one has really gave me any answers that I don't already know...Where to begin??....Ok so my HCG levels have bee...


Is It 2 Soon to Know If I'm Pregnant?

K.E. asks from Dallas

My first day of my last period was either on the 24th or 25th of July and last day was the 29th..I had intercourse on the 8th of this month and possibly conceived. Wh...


Miscarrying pleaSe Read...

A.S. asks from Reading

hello! I went in today for my ultrasound. I was told I was 6 weeks but there was no heart beat and all they could see was the sac and a small dot in it. I went right...


Am I Having a Miscarriage???? Sac with No Yolk or Fetus!!!

V.G. asks from Dallas

Okay mommies I Have any of you guys gone through this today I had my 1st sonogram which showed I was 6 weeks pregnant however my last cycle was December 13 and my fir...


When to Start Trying Again After 2 Miscarriages?

V.B. asks from Minneapolis

I've spent the last year and half in a foreign country while my husband is doing development work, so let me start out saying I have access to three sources of good m...


Blighted Ovum

D.V. asks from San Francisco

I posted awhile ago about bleeding and cramping during my pregnancy. I found out last week I have Blighted Ovum- meaning a baby did not form. A sack or set did but a ...