Molar pregnancy

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Elevated HCG Levels

J. asks from Grand Junction

Hi ladies, I'm requesting information from anyone who may be familiar with high HCG levels in pregnancy. A little background... my husband and I struggled with infert...


Conception Confusion... Poss M/c

S.T. asks from Oklahoma City

So i am really confused!! The first day of my last period was Sept 22, and my cycles are normally 24 days. Conception was probably Oct 8, and I got a positive pregnan...


Just Curious

A.G. asks from Reading

I had peviously requested adice about a pregnany back in the beginning of November. Well, unfortunaly that pregnancy did not last, I had a miscarriage in Mid Novembe...


HCG Levels at 5 Wks 1 Day??

H.M. asks from Detroit

I'm pregnant!! Horray! My husband and I have been worried after having a miscarriage five months ago. WIth the miscarriage my hcg levels never went above 50. With thi...


Two Miscarriages

E.K. asks from Davenport

I have had two miscarriages in a row. My first pregnancy with my daughter was a breeze. My husband and I got pregnant last November with our second child but we mis...


No Heartbeat

K.H. asks from Detroit

When I went to my first doctor's appointment, he sent me for a viability ultrasound because I was not far enough along to hear the baby's heartbeat on the doppler and...


Sleep Disorder? Melatonin?

S.S. asks from Seattle

Our 15-month-old son will not sleep. He refuses to go to bed, he wakes up in the night wanting to play or crying and unable to get back to sleep, even if we bring him...


Is It Time to Face the Music About Being Pregnant?

V.S. asks from Montgomery

Hi, I posted a few days ago about my late period and negative pregnancy test. I am now going on 14 days late. I went to the doctor about 3 days ago when my period was...


Multiple Miscarriages

M.E. asks from Omaha

I've had 2 miscarriages in the past 9 months, both at 5-6 weeks. No chromosomal or other abnormalities and OB says "just keep trying." Seems to be a hormonal issue ...


Dealing W/ News of Major Fetus Deformities

R.P. asks from San Antonio

It seems like just a few weeks ago I was announcing my pregnancy and some "spotting" issues that seemed minor. As the weeks passed, the baby grew fast and the heartb...