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Updated on May 27, 2010
P.B. asks from Morristown, NJ
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Ladies am kinda worried ! Am currently 8 weeks pregnant. I had my blood work done when i was 7 weeks and 5 days along. I got my results today. The Progesterone level is: 44.5 which is alright i hear but my Hcg level is 400,000 and i think the normal is around 229,000. I already had my ultrasound done during my 7th week during which we saw a healthy heartbeat. According to the doc which rules out molar pregnancy and twin since we saw only one heartbeat! The doctor said i have nothing to be worried about and to come next week for my routine checkup! am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes alright! Has this happened to anyone else?

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So What Happened?

@amanda ..wouldnt mind keeping my fingers crossed for twins! ;). i certainly hope alls well ! @ victoria , my doc said he wasn't even planning to mention it until i specifically asked for the levels! He said the rates were high but since the ultrasound was good he would not worry about it! The date of conception could be off too! My doc changed the due date too. At first he said that due date was on the 4th then he changed it to the 8th after the ultrasound! I even asked the doc if i shud take another blood test to check the levels he said i don't need to! and just to come in for my routine visit next week (3rd) ! I have already started my small questionnaire for the doc! @mitzi...you are right some times too much information isn't a good thing too! will def try to relax!!

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The HCG level may be out of what is considered normal range BUT normal is different for every woman. At 7-8 weeks, the normal range is considered 7650-229,000...that is a huge deviation. Those ranges just mean that is where MOST women will fall...not ALL women. In the lower levels, it can mean pregnancy for one woman...and not for another. Also one HCG measurement in itself doesn't mean so much, it is how the hormone changes over time that is meaningful.

If you've heard a heartbeat...it isn't a Molar Pregnancy...though I wouldn't be so quick to rule out multiples. It isn't unheard of to not be able to hear the other heartbeat in the earliest weeks.

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What did your doctor say about it? One website I saw mentioned that the levels are variable and just a guideline; that the primary concern is the change in levels as the pregnancy progresses. I would imagine that is why your doctor seems less concerned, having ruled out molar pregnancy and multiples. Did you ask him how close to the "normal range" most women tend to be? 7 weeks is pretty early along. 9 weeks is when most women's levels peak. Your calculations for conception might be off a bit as well.... so maybe this is your peak.
But also, it is not unheard of for an ultrasound done that early to miss a twin. If it is identical, it will share the sac so it might just be hiding....

I would definitely follow up with your doctor next week with a list of questions you have written down. And DO write them down... if you don't, you will forget all of them and be cheated out of an informed conversation.

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When I was pregnant, I had my blood test pretty early in the pregnancy--during my 5th week. My HCGs came back pretty high for then--over 75,000. I waited until my 9th week to do an ultrasound. My OB wanted to do one just to see if I had twins. I didn't. My doctor just thought my body was really excited to be pregnant! I was 38 years old, so it was probably saying, Yeehaw--about time! LOL!

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answers from Rochester on

This hasn't happened to me, but I had a few points where something hit a normal "peak" and they just watched it (baby's heart rate, etc.). It is hard to make yourself worry, but your doctor will tell you if something is a concern. Sometimes having so much research available sets us up to be more worried than we need to be. Hope you can relax a bit before your appointment.

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