Needing Support. Normal Pregnancy Has Become High Risk.

Updated on April 26, 2007
B.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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O.K. I'm 28 and am 5 months prenant. I have a healthy 2 year old boy. I suffer from a thyroid disease that is under control using Levothyroxin. During my 1 or 2nd month of pregnancy I found out I suffer from a blood clotting disorder called Protein S Deficiency. I started a daily shot of Lovenox. I recently went in for a sonogram for what i thought would be finding out the sex of the baby, but what ended up with the discovery of a calcium deposit in the baby's heart. My Sonogram doctor is a high risk genetic councilor and has reccomended monthly sonograms. At the obgyn visit after these results my doctor reccommended an amnio. I haven't decided if I'll get one. He also talked to me about when to schedule my C-Section, and at that point I cried. He insists that having a c-section is what's best for me in my high risk situation.. " a more controled environment" is how he put it. And although I had one(c-section) with Cohen, MY 2 YEAR OLD. It was only after many hours of labor and not happily. I'm out of control. All these things are making me worry too much. All I want is to be healthy and have a healthy baby, but well, I guess I need to know I'm not the only one going through this kinda thing. Others have fears of labor, I have fears of bleeding to death on the operating table. Help.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and concerns. I have another sono on Monday and will post any news then. It's sometimes nice to know your not alone in your struggles!
Thanks Again.

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Oh B.,

What a horrible time! I'm so sorry to hear about the situation you are in! I decided to respond so maybe I could offer you some hope.

A few years ago when I was pregnant with my first-born, they found something "wrong" with my baby. They tried to talk me into having amnio and a C-section. I refused both. I refused the C-section because I thought there was no reason to put me at higher risk (surgery) than I was already in. Often a doctor's fear of being sued takes precedence over their care for their patient. (This may not be in your case, but it was in my case.) I refused amnio because 1) it puts the mom and baby both at greater risk, and 2) what is the purpose of it? To give you peace of mind that nothing is wrong? And if they find a problem, they will try to talk you into aborting a baby! Why not carry the baby full-term either way?

Medical tests are not a for sure thing!!! I've had several friends who have been told that their baby was very ill and they should have an amnio or abortion. In almost every case, these children were 100% fine when born, and most have been especially gifted children.

So I encourage you to stick with your convictions and don't let medical doctors or anyone else push you around! I went through with my pregnancy against my doctor's advice and I am so glad I did! I said no to amnio, abortion and C-secion!
I have no regrets whatsoever!

(Sorry I got on my soapbox! My heart goes out to women going through such things because I have been there!)
Hope this helps!

A. S.

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Due to some family medical history, I opted for the amnio. Mine was awesome! It felt like a pinch and I had no pain and no cramping afterward. I had made previous arrangements and had that day and the next day off from work, so I think that helped knowing that there was nothing else for me to stress about. I opted for the amnio so that we would have all the information possible. From that point you can find out about special care, equipment or whatever might be needed. I just wanted to post because I know that you will get lots of negative feedback about the amnio, but there is also positive out there. It can give you the information that you need to adequately prepare for your child, it's not just about the abortion issue. Good luck with your decision.

J. :)



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First of all, the C-Section is not the worst thing. I have had 6 M/C equal to 5 D&C's. My first pregnancy was a molar pregnancy. I was in the hospital for 3 days because I bled a lot. For 8 months, my HCG levels did not drop. The concern with a molar pregnancy is that once it gets into your bloodstream, it can cause cancer. The day before I was to start chemo, my level dropped.

My uterus has been through hell and back. I had a septum, which basically means my uterus was shaped like a puffed heart. The internal part had to be removed. The dr thought that it wasn't removed and did another unnecessary surgery to find out, my uterus is bicornuate. That means that there will always be a slope in the top of it. So that took me up to 7 surgeries for my fertility issues.

After the misdiagnosis and the fact that the dr couldn't get past my septum, I went to see Dr. James Douglas. He listened to me and we found that I have a blood clotting disorder. We tried 3 months and got pregnant. I have to take heparin shots twice daily to maintain the health of my little one. I am currently 31.5 weeks along.

Because of all the surgeries on my uterus, I will have to have a C-section. I was thrilled to no end with the dr told me this. C-sections are easier on the baby and more controlled. You will not be in labor. They will take your baby early so that you don't have contractions. Your dr knows what you are taking and you will stop your shots at least 24 hours before you go in for your ceserean and for 24 hours after. You will have to remain on the shots for 6 weeks post to ensure you don't get blood clots.

Dear, it will be ok. It's best not to put your baby through the trauma of going through the birth canal with the heart issues. Since they already know there is a problem, it will give them more time to help your little one.

If you need to talk further, give me a shout.




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Hi B.,

I'm so sorry. I have no specific advice or direction. But wanted to let you know I'll be praying for you and your family.


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