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Updated on January 18, 2007
R.H. asks from Bismarck, ND
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What are some good websites to go to? I mean i have had 1 kid BUT i had her 7 years ago. I am experiencing alot more things that i didnt with Lexi. like the nausia is like 65774245378 times worse. and i am cramping with this one. The Drs did my first ultrasound alreay and i have the first pic and heard the heartbeat... all that jazz.. they say the baby is fine. So what the hell is going on with me?

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So What Happened?

I had to go to the ER last night... i started spotting.. They said that i had just popped a blood vesel due to the vomiting so no biggie

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answers from Yakima on

My favorite website: www.babycenter.com the birth club boards are GREAT! You will be surprised at how many other Moms may be experiencing the same thing as you.
June 07 birth club:

This is the one for widely spaced siblings:

I had two daughters and found myself pregnant after 16 years. So I know exactly what you are going through. I found BBC when I was 6 months pg and have belonged ever since.

Good luck!

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answers from Phoenix on

All pregnancy's are differant. with my daughter I gained 110lbs and I craved sweets and the sent of crayons. I was always coloring and I didn't work so I never felt any pain. And I was ALWAYS in the mood for love. But my daughter came out 4 days late and 9.5lbs. They had to break my water. But I had a very healthy pregnancy with her. I got bad teeth and bad eyes but all together healthy. But with my son I worked as a cashier and I only gained like 30lbs. I craved green olives all day long. I used to eat at least a med sized jar every day. I had migranes so bad that I could'nt see on the left hand side of my face. it would do a fuz like thing like the back and white fuzz on tv. I could'nt stand to be touched and I started getting boiles. Also had this thing and still have it where if I touch fabric with my hands or feet and I don't have lotion on it will feel like that nails on a chalk board feeling and it feels like my hands are gonna fall off. it's so strange. I cry about everyhing now and I have a very short temper. It's almost like I'm bipolar sometimes. I had cramps all the time but it was mostly like a pinch inside me instead of a cramp. almost like the baby was pinching my uterus. Also they pulled my son early because of my daughter's size and he was 2weeks early and 7.15lbs (chicken legs).

I think your fine. Pregnancy's are funny this way. you never know what's gonna happen next. I'm luckey my nausia was'nt bad enough for vomiting. I only got sick when I smelled cigaretts or saw someone smoking a cigarette which is great because I smoked and I was able to quit cold turkey with both my pregnancy's.

Here is a great website www.pregnancy.com that place can help you with almost anything. and they give you free magazines. sign up with enfamil and evenflow on the .coms also with huggies and pampers and neslete.com has a baby site too. they give you free formula when the baby is almost here and worth wile coupons for formula and diapers. I'm still getting diaper's coupons and my kids are 3+2 It's great. I love it.



answers from Portland on

I believe every pregnancy is different. My first 2 pregnancies were great. I loved being pregnant and had no complaints. Then, the very last pregancy, it was so bad I would have never had anymore kids, if it was my first one! My nausea started right around 3 months. I threw up every day, and about every 20 minutes on the bad days. I went to the ER a couple times becuase I felt so bad, and I couldn't stop throwing up. I would go to my doctor's appointments with a cup in my hand, just in case! I know for a fact that if I felt like that with my first pregnancy, I would not have had any more children. It was horrible. This lasted for about 6 months. I'll tell you what the doctor's told me. Maybe it will help. Suck on lemon drops...it's suppose to help with the nausea. Also, ginger. Eat or drink anything with ginger in it. Although, I do have to say that none of these helped me! If your nausea is so bad, you might want to ask your doctor for suppositories...they really do help. My nausea was so bad, that if anyone moved the bed, I would get sick. Thanks to the suppositories, I got through my pregnancy. My husband knew that from the day I started getting sick, and the day that we found out we were having a girl, that she was going to give us a lot of headaches! :) And sure enough, that was true. I know what you're going through. No two pregnancies are the same. I hope this helps! :)



answers from Boise on

I loved going to www.americanpregnancy.org when I was pregnant with my baby. It has a week by week update on your baby's growth and much more helpful information (what meds are safe to take, which are not, what is safe to eat, what is normal body changes, etc). Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

you might be having twins. Do you have problem with smell like perfumes, colones, some food not all, and tired. Were if you get up and do clean alittle you get really dizzy??
your 11,12,13,wks right. I really feel the same way I am 26 going to be 27 in dec. and the last baby I had was 5 yrs ago..
but i have a molar pregnancy..



answers from Pocatello on

Hi R.-
Best of wishes! The nausia I think is due to hormones fighting eachother I have been correct 100%
If you were not sick with your first child and it was a boy..then you get really sick with the second one -congrats it's a girl. I have a therory that female and female hormones battle and that's what makes us soooooo sick. Try the seabands -available at drug stores for seasickness..no medicine -works wonders and eat little meals all day long-don't eat too much in one sitting..

I cramped a lot with my second baby. The DR told me it was just my muscels trying to change and stretch. As long as there is no bleeding-no worry.
Pegnauncies are all so different!

I was misserable w/ my first baby..sick until the day my water broke! I loved my second pregnauncy...fun! loved it!

good luck to you-hang in there-H.



answers from Las Vegas on

Try going to webmd.com and they have a whole pregnancy section. It breaks everything down month by month and what you are experiencing.

With my first pregnancy I picked up a book called "What to expect when you're expecting". You can get it at Borders or Barnes and Noble. It is a good little reference to have around. It also tells you month by month what is going on with your body. It also gives you info about problems that might come up and how they are normally handled.

Good Luck!



answers from Portland on

Hi R.
My advice to you is the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting" I had this book through both of my pregnancies, which were 8 years apart and were so very different. It had a helpful explanation of every thing i could think of and was going throuhg. It really helped me put my mind at ease, Good luck



answers from San Diego on

every pregnancy is different and of course with pregnancy comes a lot of worry! there's lots of websites now, many the other girls mentioned are great, i've been to all of them. My favorite for connecting with other women is http://www.babyzone.com/. the message boards have been the best thing for me and I've made so many online friends there. I joined a due date club message board early on when i was pregnant with my son and got share all my highs, lows, worries, happy times with lots of ladies who were all due in February like me. now we all share the same stuff about our babies in our birthday club message board. It's great to chat with someone who's going through the exact same thing, makes it a lot easier and comforting.

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