Who Has Gotten Negative Pregnancy Results @ First but Was Actually Preggo?

Updated on July 13, 2012
L.F. asks from Cartersville, GA
11 answers

I am not late yet in fact period should start in 2 dys. My last period was shorter and lighter than normal. I have had PMS for over a week now which I normally don't have. Just feel so tired and nauseous. I took a test yesterday and today and both were negative. Just wondering how many of you took tests before your period but were in fact pregnant. When did you show positive? With my first child, I was late thats how I new and with second, I took a test 5 dys before period was due and was preggo. Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

I showed positive at 10 DPO with both kids. Not a day before. In both cases, that was over a week BEFORE my period was due to start.

If you are preggo, you wouldn't be feeling any symptoms this early on. Sorry mama. Anything's possible, but it's unlikely.

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answers from Detroit on

I did. When I took the first test, it didnt look like the screens were completely wet, but it did show a neg.
After 4 more days of no period it got me thinking I should try another one. Sure enough, pregnant as heck!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I took my first test the day I was supposed to start my period and it was negative. Took another 2 weeks later that was positive.



answers from Dallas on

I had about 4 negative tests before it showed positive. Even at my OB it was still a faint line. I have a 6 year old. Maybe she was just shy at first. :)


answers from Pocatello on

Yes. With my first I took one the day my period was supposed to start and got a negative, 3 days later got a positive. And just so you know it does matter the kind of test that you are using. Like the digital test will only detect a pregnancy if your levels are at least 50. Where as the First Response brand can detect a pregnancy with levels as low as 6! That's like a week before your period is due! So don't lose hope just yet.



answers from Dallas on

That happened to me, it's because I was using the test wrong. I had those strips that aren't in the wand, you have to pee in a cup and then dip the strip. I wasn't dipping it long enough and kept getting negatives when I was sure it should be a positive. LOL!


answers from Hartford on

I've had a negative pregnancy test when it turned out I was pregnant, but it was when I had my pregnancy loss.


answers from Denver on

my neighbor thought she was preggers for about a month and took like 6 tests and they all came back negative. Then one day she was driving to her moms house and had to pull over to puke hasnt stopped puking and went to the store to buy a cheapo pregnancy test and it showed up automatically. She is 7 1/2 weeks and the test finally showed positive 3 weeks ago.


answers from Minneapolis on

I was on the pill. Missed a period. Did home test..negative. Was pukey (extreme), sore boobies (extreme). Missed another period so did another test. Negative.

Went to the OB/GYN a few days later. Did their pee test. Negative. Doc did a physical exam and blood test. Said I WAS pregnant and had time and the opening for me to get a vaginal ultrasound right there (had to wait around around about an hour). BINGO. Preggers.

In the end I miscarried (partial molar pregnancy), and a few months later was pregnant again..similar deal, on the pill again, negative pee tests at home and the clinic, but blood tests confirmed it. Miscarried again sadly, but for my final pregnancy (carried to term) neither me or the clinic bothered with pee tests. Just bloodwork to confirm it.

Hope things turn out the way you hope!


answers from Salt Lake City on

Nausea can show up as early as 4 weeks pregnant! That's amazing actually!!! I am not in fetal medicine but I have studied a little bit into it. Speaking from personal experience, 3 different pregnancies I have taken the (test as early as 5 days before) pregancy tests and they always were negative!!!! grrrrr. I knew I was pregnant. However just to make sure I went to the hospital lab and got the blood draw and they came out positive!!! Depending on the individual and how fast hcg builds in the system can effect the accuracy of the home pregancy tests. My hcg levels started out very slow. I am pregant now and had low hormone levels which could result in yet another miscarrraige. My Dr. has me taking progesterone. So that's how my body is.



answers from Washington DC on

I had neg urine tests with all of my pregnancies but just "knew" in my heart I was pregnant each time. Sometimes your HCG levels do not climb high enough to be detected in the urine tests right away. My 1st pregnancy I had taken 2 tests at home a few days apart and both were neg. I called my dr who had me come into office where they had me do yet another urine test which was negative. Thankfully I have a great dr who believed me when I told her I just knew I was pregnant. Which for me was a miracle because I was told I would not be able to conceive. She sent me next door to the lab for a blood test which came back positive. Wait a few more days and take another one.

Peace and Blessings,
T. B

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