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Updated on January 09, 2011
C.C. asks from Eau Claire, WI
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So my hubby and I have been trying to conceive (see previous posts). Friday I went to the dr and my HCG levels were 6415. Because I've been bleeding they ordered an ultrasound. Nothing on the images. Now they are unsure why I'm having pregnancy signs and nothing in the uterus. My husband and I were convinced we were not pregnant after the 2 weeks of bleeding and were fine with that. But now that all this is going on I'm not really sure how I feel. I'm fine with not being pregnant, but I'm not sure what's going on with me then?! The dr also said something about a molar pregnancy in which case I would need to have it surgically removed. :( Has anyone else had to go through this? Is it normal to not care about the pregnancy part and be more concerned with what else is going on with me?

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So What Happened?

So I went back yesterday to check my HCG levels which had gone up. They did an ultrasound again this morning and see nothing. No growth, no sac, NOTHING. I am starting to wonder what is going on. Even the doctors seem unsure at this point. I just want this to be done with so my hubby and I can try to actually get pregnant!!!! Thanks everyone for your kind words!!!!

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answers from Las Vegas on

It sounds similar to a tubal. You are perfectly normal to take care of Mom first. I always believe when this happens you body has reject what wasn't meant to be.

When I was in my 5th week of pregnancy, I knew I wouldn't conceive from my pregnancy. I had too many problems and felt my body was not taking to the pregnancy. I lost the baby and then conceive later to a healthy baby girl.

Best wishes...take care of yourself.

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answers from Houston on

My sister had 4 years of infertility, so when she got pregnant she was elated. It was also a molar pregnancy and had to have it surgically removed. Another time it was an ovarian cyst that the body interpreted as a pregnancy and she had the cyst removed.

But, about a year or so later, she got pregnant and now has 4 boys! So, it may happen for you eventually. Only time will tell what is going on with your body. Hang in there and just take care of yourself. :)

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answers from Green Bay on

I had not heard of this type of thing until a couple of months ago. A hairdresser friend told me she is hearing about it so much lately. It makes you wonder what in our food or environment or water could be causing it.

I wish I could help...best wishes for you. Continue to stay in touch with your doctor and nurses and even get a second opinion.



answers from Minneapolis on

Of couse you are concerned for your own health. Early miscarriage such as yours is very common and has always been common, just not talked about. I had two early miscarriages, one which my doctor called a "blighted ovum" that eventually required a D&C and the other cleared naturally. Afterwards, I was amazed at all the neighbors and friends who shared their similar stories with me.

Unless your doctor advises against it, you might be able to wait to see if your body will handle this naturally over time. (I'm not quite sure if a molar pregnancy is different or the same as a blighted ovum.). My doctor let me wait almost 3 months before I decided to have the D&C. I had periodic bleeding but the remains of the miscarriage did not clear, so my hormones were off which led to acne and other icky symptoms. The D&C was no fun, but I felt better after. The second miscarriage cleared within a few days and I felt fine, so nothing more was needed. Soon after, I became pregnant with my daughter and had absolutely no complications.



answers from Duluth on

it sounds like a miscarriage of some sorts.

its ok to feel upset and disappointed about this; to this day my husband and i consider our first pregnancy (MC at 7 weeks) to have been a very real baby, named sebastian. just keep in touch with your doctor.

we had a d&c, and it wasnt fun, but it took care of things and i didnt have to worry about it too much.

anyway, im so sorry for your loss.



answers from Duluth on

I would say it sounds very healthy of you. Besides, I guess I don't see those two things as separate--whatever is wrong with you is perhaps what is causing problems as far as getting pregnant--and I believe, too, that a healthy mom--emotionally, physically--knows that a pregnancy takes a lot out of you, emotionally, physically, and wishes to be in top form. Taking care of yourself, investigating what your body is doing, IS preparing it for a healthy pregnancy. Best of luck!

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