Molar pregnancy: The First Years

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Sleep Disorder? Melatonin?

S.S. asks from Seattle

Our 15-month-old son will not sleep. He refuses to go to bed, he wakes up in the night wanting to play or crying and unable to get back to sleep, even if we bring him...


Three Random Questions... Sleep, Boob a.k.a. Security Blanket, and Baby Moves

R.L. asks from Portland

#1 My son is almost two years old and he does not sleep through the night. It does not matter if he sleeps in our bed, his bed, on the couch, alone, or with us. Ha...


How Did Moms Decide on Two or Three Children??

K.R. asks from Denver

I know this is most likely a strange question but I am really struggling with the decision to have a 3rd child. I want 3 for sure, no questions!!! but I am 38, I wou...


Bedtime Trouble & Night Wakings for My 2-Year Old

S.T. asks from San Diego

My 2.5 year old son has recently started having some real trouble going to sleep at night. Prior to this, he went to sleep really easily. He generally goes to bed a...



J.N. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, I have been having some trouble getting pregnant. We've tried several times throughout the years but just basically felt if it happens it happens. Well now...