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Updated on November 17, 2008
J.K. asks from Council Bluffs, IA
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Hi all! I have a question about pregnancy with multiples. My big sister just found out a week or so ago that her in vitro took! She is DEFINATELY pregnant! At 2wks gestation her hcg levels should have been at about 60, so she was told. Hers were 137! 48 hrs later they should have doubled; hers nearly tripled at 339!! Now 1 week and 2 days later they are OVER 9000!!!!! My question is: When hcg levels are WAY higher than avg, has anyone experienced multiple babies? We are so excited for her as she already has 3 children of her own and was recently remarried to a great man who she is now planning an extended family with. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Rochester on

Yes it can be a sign of multiples but it can also be a sign of a molar pregnancy. So I would be cautiously optimistic. But if her doctor is not worried I would not be worried. As always if she has any cramping or bleeding she should contact her doctor right away. Good luck!

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answers from Milwaukee on

When my in vitro took, my numbers more than tripled daily! My twins turned 3 today.
Congrats to your sister, and to you, as their aunt!
(My nurse told me on day 6 of my pregnancy to get two cribs...unofficially.)



answers from Omaha on

I guess I'm not sure what you are asking but my sister had triplets and I know a few people with twins but they didn't have three other kids, she is definitely going to need help, tell her congratualtions!



answers from Cedar Rapids on

Congratulations to her for the pregnancy taking!!! Awesome!!!

My hubbie and I did IVF too and my first beta was on day 14 was 275 and my second beta on 1/3 was 2,208....I would say your sister is having multiples!!! We had triplets....two identical boys and a little girl...they are such blessings....go into our blog (below) and click on the year 2006 for the first year with our triplets.




answers from Minneapolis on

I am a multiples mom. I did IVF 3 times. First time didn't work, 2nd time 4 embryos were put in and one took. Beautiful girl who is now 8. Thought we would try for one more, Third time 3 embryos were put in and all three took. Boy, boy, girl who will be 6 next month. First pregnancy HCG levels were normal, with the triplets....extremely elevated(I forget the #'s). From my own experience, I would say she is having multiples of some sort. If you want to ask anything else, I am open to shareing. :0)



answers from Minneapolis on

I am a mom of triplets...mine were naturally conceived and we didn't find out until the end of the pregnancy that there were three babies in there. Here's my e-mail address if you or your sister want to e-mail me with questions or just to chat! [email protected]____.com



answers from Fargo on

This sure happened to me! We are currently pregnant with twin girls. My levels did increase like crazy, but I was blind to even consider that we could be having multiples. At 2 weeks, the fertility specialists had me in for an internal ultrasound and confirmed there were 2 "in there". We were astounded and glad my hubby was sitting down. We have a nearly 4 year old (in just a few days) as well. We didn't do invitro as injectible meds worked for us with both my previous and this pregnancy.



answers from Sioux Falls on


I am a mom of b/g twins. I didn't use in vitro, but did use clomid. I had a very rough time getting pregnant so when I finally did get pregnant my doctor watched me very close. My hcg levels went up rapidly too! They were doubling and tripling very rapidly so they brought me in for an ultrasound. I knew at 4 weeks that I was going to have twins. I about fell off the table, my husband and I knew it was possible but we were still shocked!! Being a mom of multiples is so exciting. If your big sister is pregnant with multiples she will find out very soon I am sure. Tell her good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

My cousin is 20 weeks pregnant with triplets (no in vitro, just regular conception), but I remember them checking her hcg levels because of some odd symptoms she was having and her levels were very high (don't remember the # though).



answers from Minneapolis on

I wouldn't necessarily say she's having multiples, however, I'm not sure that she isn't either. Often times HCG levels will be really high with multiples, but I've also seen really high levels that are just one baby. An HCG level of 137 isn't out of the normal range for a singleton baby 2 weeks after embryo transfer. In fact, it's very normal and possibly indicative of just one baby. If it were in the thousands, I'd say there's a good chance she's having more. However, the fact that it nearly tripled in two days might be a better indication, but then again, 339 is a very normal level for the second HCG test as well. Unfortunately, every pregnancy is very different and there's no way to tell for sure. She'll have to wait it out until her ultrasound to find out for sure. Congrats to her, though, on successful IVF either way. And congrats to you, the future new auntie!

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