Molar pregnancy

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Who Has Gotten Negative Pregnancy Results @ First but Was Actually Preggo?

L.F. asks from Charlotte

I am not late yet in fact period should start in 2 dys. My last period was shorter and lighter than normal. I have had PMS for over a week now which I normally don'...


The Results Are in...follow-up to D&C at 12 Weeks

R.L. asks from Roanoke

I just got back from a follow-up appointment after my D&C 2 weeks ago. I miscarried at 12 weeks, and my OB sent in tissue for testing. I was told today that I had a...


Having a Tooth Pulled

K.G. asks from Fort Wayne

I am having my 2nd to last back molar pulled tomorrow, I cracked it in half whan I was a child and have had a temporary on it since then not the same temp I have had ...


Speaking of How Old You Are...

L.. asks from Roanoke

What age did you have your babies? This may sound a little weird, but lately I've been feeling like I'm "behind" in having kids. I'm 26, and my husband is 29. I ...


Letrozole (Fertility Drug)

T.M. asks from Madison

Has anyone out there been on letrozole to try to get pregnant? We are about to start this (tonight actually), and I was wondering on the results if any that anyone e...


If You Could Choose to Have a D&C or a Natural Miscarriage

T.S. asks from Sioux Falls

I just found out on Friday that I no longer have a viable pregnancy. My doctor did an ultrasound, and the baby measured where it should be - about 9 weeks, 2 days, b...


Toddler Teeth

M.G. asks from Omaha

My 16 mos. old son has 8 front teeth and just got his first 4 molars. I've been practicing tooth brushing with him for a while now and he likes to try to do it himse...


Pregnant Mom Seeking Some Cheering up and Good News

D.C. asks from Los Angeles

I just recently found out I am pregnant. I was pregnant a couple months ago, but it was not a viable pregnancy. There was a sack but no fetus. Ny OB says this is co...



N.P. asks from Denver

I just took an at home pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it came out positive. The following week I had what I would have thought was a regular period. I went in and h...


Need Advice Fast

N.L. asks from Oklahoma City

Well I havent had a period since May but in may my period only lasted three days and my normal ones are 5 to 7 day. But I have taken 3 pregnancy test and they were ne...