Is It Time to Face the Music About Being Pregnant?

Updated on January 24, 2011
V.S. asks from Montgomery, AL
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Hi, I posted a few days ago about my late period and negative pregnancy test. I am now going on 14 days late. I went to the doctor about 3 days ago when my period was around 11 days late and he did another urine test and it was also negative. I assumed that he was going to do a blood test but instead he gave me a prescription to start my period. I have no problem with taking the meds but I read and it said that it was not good to take if u are in early pregnancy. Should I just take the meds and face the fact that I am not pregnant or should I go back to the doctor and demand a blood test?

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answers from Minneapolis on

What I don't understand with doctors is why they give people "medication" to start a period back up. So you missed a cycle life goes on if you don't have a period. This isn't geared towards you I just don't understand. If I missed a period I just waited until I got my next one.

So if you are wondering I don't think you have to take the medication just wait it out. you could just be having an anovulatory cycle



answers from Wichita on

I would demand the blood test. I could never forgive myself if I'd gotten rid of a viable pregnancy for no reason.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Call the doctor. Ask if it is medically NECESSARY for you to get a late period started. To me, I would think it isn't but call to make sure. If doctor says, "No, you don't need to force it -- You can wait it out if you want. It will eventually come on its own." Then do not take the pills. Honestly, at 14 days late a viable pregnancy will be caught be a urine test. BUT...If you had a non-viable pregnancy or a molar pregnancy....Then a urine or blood test might not pick that up and I would ask for a vaginal ultrasound to make sure your uterus looked like it was "dealing" with the event correctly or if you require intervention (i.e. D&C).

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answers from Boston on

I would either wait it out or get a blood test. I'm not sure why this doctor thinks it's so important to take medication when you are only 2 weeks late. Lots of women have a delayed period now and then and don't need medication to bring it on again. It sounds like you feel rushed by this doctor and so I would agree that you should consider another one. One way to tell is to go back and demand a blood test - if you get brushed off or get an argument, you know you need someone who will listen to you more thoroughly. I wouldn't take the medications if you still think you might be pregnant and are hoping that you are. If you wait it out, then assume you could be pregnant and take care of yourself properly just in case.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Demand a blood test. I had the same problem.. all the test strips and urine tests came back negative and in the back of my mind I had a feeling that I was prego. I went to another doctor and asked for a blood test, and when the blood test came back I was indeed prego.

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answers from Florence on

When I first started my cycle, I had regular periods, and then they began to be irregular about the time I stopped taking my birth control (The doctor says it wasn't the cause, just the catalyst). I didn't worry too much, just appreciated the extra days before the misery.

The first time I was about 5 days late, then I was about 10 days late. The next time it happened, I was 2 months late. When I was 10 days late, and 2 months late, both times I thought I was pregnant. Urine tests said no. When I was 2 months late, and still nothing, I finally went to the doctor to see if I could get a blood test. She didn't think a blood test would show anything different at 2 months.

She did an ultrasound, and found that I had cysts on my ovaries. She diagnosed me with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). When I finally did get pregnant, I was taking 1500mg of Metformin (generic for Glucaphage). Normally this is a diabetic medication, but she said I don't have diabetes, just insulin resistant.

The Metformin helped my body to have it's cycle, but was safe for the baby. I took it the rest of my pregnancy, and even after because PCOS can cause problems with milk production. I don't know that you have this, but it may be something to look into. If I am more than 5 days late for a period, I take it seriously. A regular period is a sign that your body is healthy and functioning like it should.

I hope you do NOT have PCOS, and everything is ok. Let us know!


I should add that I wanted to get pregnant and that is why I was started taking the medications. Obviously, I needed to be having a regular period in order to get pregnant.

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answers from Washington DC on

Do NOT take the meds yet. Give it more time. I have two healthy beautiful daughters. Neither of their pregnancies yielded positive results on the urine sticks. The tests measure hcg levels and in my pregnancies my hcg levels NEVER rose quickly or doubled as they were supposed to. In fact with my oldest daughter the initial blood test came back negative as well. I am blessed to have an OB/GYN that believes a woman knows her body best. She suggested we wait another week and retest and sure enough I was positive that time. After the positive blood test I again peed on stick just to see what result I would get and once again got a negative result. Ultrasound the next day estimated I was 8 weeks prego. My Dr's told me that some women have lower levels of hcg and are harder to detect. Just give it another week or two and do another home test. Do you have any other signs of pregnancy? My breasts were tender, queasy at times and my heart just told me I was pregnant even though the tests told me I was not. Good Luck and God Bless.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I would go to a different doctor and ask for the blood test... better to be safe than sorry.

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answers from Boston on

If your doctor is not answering all your questions it is time to switch doctors.If you were nervous and just forgot to ask, call them back and request the blood test. Or just switch doctors and start over.

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answers from Mobile on

I was given progesterone to start my period after I went to the doc for the same reason (neg test at home and then neg test in the office--I think that was around day 49??). The progesterone course ended and still no period . . . because I was pregnant. The tests weren't expired, I took them with morning urine--in short, I did everything right. I just didn't get a positive until super late (I decided to take one more test a week after my appointment just in case before meeting friends for a beer!). My daughter is fabulous and apparently unharmed, but I know a blood test would have picked up what the urine test and exam didn't. Some women are just like that! ;-)

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answers from San Francisco on

Definitely demand a blood test.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I vote bloodtest! If your doctor refuses, then find a new doctor and take it from there. There's no rush is there? What's a few more days...even weeks to find out for certain. Short of a medical problem, your period will come one way or the other if you're not pregnant. And if there is one, but your doctor failed to clearly explain this to you, he stinks as a doctor and you should find a new one anyway.

This is all just very odd to me. You shouldn't have any questions in your mind at all. Maybe just get a new doctor and start from square one. JMO

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answers from Rochester on

If you are only 14 days late, I would strongly encourage you to wait until you have missed a second cycle, still have negative tests, and see if you can get an ultrasound. At that point, even if your hormone levels are low you would be able to see on an ultrasound if you are pregnant at all. It is not terribly unheard of to miss a cycle, so I'm surprised your doctor would want you on meds to start your period in the middle of a second cycle anyway. Last fall I was having major issues with my "cycles" after I weaned my son--I would go six weeks with no bleeding, then bleed almost constantly for a few weeks, or bleed only after intercourse (heavy bleeding). It was horrible, but I would take tests all the time and they were always negative. Since I was already on BC, my doctor wanted to adjust the hormones and see if that helped, but they were not so much worried about me "missing" a period. I would wait to start anything until you are 100% positive and have missed a second period. I have also never had a blood test for pregnancy, my doctor's office only does urine, at least for me since they were always positive, but waiting can't hurt anything at all.

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answers from Denver on

Do a blood test before you take the meds. You will never forgive yourself if you are pregnant and hurt the baby. My guess is you are not pregnant but it never hurts to be sure.



answers from Chattanooga on

Your doctor is a goof. Get the blood test (wait another 6 days) and even if it is negative, why take something to start your period?? Are you normally irregular at all? Keep good records of your cycle and get a different doctor. You may very well not be pregnant (stress alone can make you several weeks late) but why chance it??



answers from Fort Wayne on

I'm going to guess that you're probably not pregnant. If you were, a urine test should have picked it up by now. However, there really is no medical reason for you to force your body to start your period. There are so many factors that could cause your period to be late. I think I would just let nature take it's course here. I'm actually surprised that he gave you something to make your period start. 14 days really isn't that big of a deal. I skipped over 3 months one time (not on birth control) and my doctor wasn't concerned.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Why can't you just wait and see when and if you get your period?



answers from Los Angeles on

Definitely get a blood test first. I've read on this site that this woman actually didn't get a positive pregnancy test until she was 4 months pregnant !

Do you have any pregnancy symptoms at all? Sometimes your period can be late or skip a month because of stress. I've skipped a period or two before and never took any meds to bring it on.

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