Hyperactivity: Albuterol

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Teething problems....I Think??????

K.W. asks from Memphis

My 9 mo. old has been teething since he was 3 mos. old. When he was 6 and 6 1/2 mos. old he cut his two bottom teeth and the past few weeks he's been trying to cut h...


11 Month Old Prescribed Pulmicort

L.C. asks from Athens

My 11 month son who wheezes from time to time had a recheck on his ear infection today. Well he was wheezing today and the doctor prescribed Pulmicort to use in his ...


16 Month Old Refusing Necessary Nebulizer Treatments

K.L. asks from Macon

My 16 month old daughter needs 4x daily nebulizer treatments. The doctor says the mask will not do, she must put the nozzle in her mouth and inhale or breathe in the...


5 Yr Old w/Chronic Sinus Infections or Asmtha?!?! or WHAT...

M.B. asks from Buffalo

May be long... But have been dealing w/my son whom is 5 yrs old now w/sinus infections for 3 yrs now!! Its to the point he doesnt have his adnoids or tonsoils.. He is...


4 Year Old Son with a Nagging Cough - Recently Diagnosed with Asthma

Y.J. asks from Miami

Hi Moms, My son has been having a cough for a while that is causing me concern. On his last trip to the paediatrician a week ago, he was wheezing and he had an ea...


THanZyrtec vs.Claritin For Kids

M.W. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My 9 year-old son was diagnosed by his pediatrician with seasonal allergies and asthma last Spring. He took Zyrtec in the Spring and Fall along with Flonas...


Pulmicort/steroid Inhalers for 2 Year Old

K.T. asks from Minneapolis

My son just turned 2 on Saturday, and has yet another URI with fever and wheezing and his lungs are retracting again. I took him to the doctor this morning and he was...


Aggressive Behavior in 2 Year Old Boy

M.B. asks from Seattle

Our boy has started acting aggressive since before 18 months. He started pinching and hasn't really stopped. I have tried everything, and it comes and goes. He has re...


Any Other Options You Have Tried for a Toddler's Very Severe Asthma?

A.K. asks from Norfolk

I am writing this in hopes to have any and all suggestions and personal experiences sent my way! My little guy who is now 3 years old has been battling asthma/allerg...


Son Became Aggressive at New School

D.M. asks from New York

I recently switched my two children from a public school to a charter school. To make a long story short, my daughter loves the school and doesn't want to go back. M...