Hyper Sensitive Hearing/ Anxeity

Updated on October 18, 2013
S.W. asks from South Orange, NJ
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my son freaks out when pple sneeze, cough, wash dishes, put on loud machines.. and when kids cry! He was evaluated by an ot and it wasnt sensory related! wondering if it's an emotional thing or something like hyper sensitive hearing. The ot thought it had something t o do with his startle reflex, was wondering if anyone dealt with this? He is two and a half the funny thing is he isn't afraid if i make any of the noises and it gets worse if he is tired or in a more vulnerable state of mind.

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answers from Chicago on

Outside of an ear infection.. I would get a second opinion on the sensory.. it sounds sensory to me..

Sensory is not always Autistic..etc.. My son is ADHD and has sensory, the OT should be able to help him work through it.

Good Luck

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answers from Portland on

How did she determine it wasn't a sensory issue? I would get a second opinion.

I've not heard of hypersensitive hearing. I would probably talk with an audiologist or ear, nose, throat doctor to see if there is such a thing and if so have your son examined and ask about treatment.

I doubt this is an emotional issue because of the wide range and differences of sound. Also, if it's anxiety he would be anxious at other times. What is his demeanor when there are no loud sounds.

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answers from Dallas on

Get a 2nd opinion. How old is your son? If he is old enough, request that the school district will evaluate him if you haven't already. That sounds like textbook sensory sensitivity.

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answers from Austin on

My grandson is sensory... it first showed up as being sensitive to loud noises, like the vacuum, thunder, fireworks, loud fans, etc.

Some kids are sensory avoiders, some are sensory seekers, and sometimes their sensitivities are a combination.

Through OT and his M. working with him, he is less sensitive to things like fireworks, thunder, and loud noises, but still has other sensitivities (clothing issues, for example).

I would suggest a second opinion.. I don't remember who my daughter worked with before the OT, but maybe check with a developmental pediatrician, also.

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answers from Lakeland on

I agree get a 2 opinion. Also google Hypercusis, to see if it could be that. My daughter took my grand daughter to a 4th of July fire work, when she was 2, I told her not to. That she was to young. Well they came back early b/c it scared my grand daughter so bad. Now she scared of any loud noise. She covers her ears & runs when she hears loud things.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would get a 2nd opinion. I would also work with him, when possible. "Son, I am going to start the vacuum. Would you like to put your hands over your ears first?" My DD used to scream and run away when the superstrong hand dryers went off in public bathrooms, or when the toilet flushed automatically. She comes by it honestly, as I startle easily myself.(I do have minor sensitivity to smells, sounds and things like blanket weights.)



answers from Washington DC on

My dd did this when she was a toddler...she grew out of it.



answers from Abilene on

My daughter has a sensitivity to loud noises especially fire works or balloon popping. She failed her hearing screen in kindergarten and they recommended further evaluation. I didn't understand her failing the screening because we had worked very closely with an ENT due to ear infections and she had never failed a hearing test with her audiologist. When I took her for follow up the person doing the testing came out and asked me if she had an aversion to loud noises and described her behaviors with thunder, balloons and vacuuming to a T. She said it was due to a portion of her ear development structure and and she would outgrow it by the age of 10 or it would be lifelong. She didn't outgrow it but has improved with us working with her. She uses ear protection in loud environments. Her hearing is incredible. She hears things before her dad or I do.

Second opinions are always a good thing as well.

God bless you as you work with your kiddo.


answers from Columbia on

My youngest son, who has ADD, used to do this all the time when he was little. He grew out of it.

What do YOU do when he freaks out? Just curious to know how you're already handling it.


answers from Santa Fe on

My son used to be this way. He would run away crying when I flushed the loud public toilets. He hated the vaccume and fireworks and really any loud noises. Loud places were very hard for him. He outgrew it by about age 5 but he still has incredible hearing. He can hear when our lights are turned on...the small noise they make. He has/had a bunch of other hyper sensory things (Have you already read about SPD?) as well.


answers from Chicago on

Here's another vote for getting a second opinion on SPD. The earlier treatment starts, the better he'll do in life.

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