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Elimination Diets

L.J. asks from Chicago

My 2.5 year old daughter is displaying a lot of behavioral problems. I am getting her tested for developmental problems, but I suspect she may have a food allergy th...


2Nd Grader with Possible Learning Disability

K.M. asks from Cincinnati

I have a 7-year-old son in the second grade. My husband and I just went to a scheduled parent/teacher conference this past week and we have found out that our son ma...


What the Sam Heck Is My Cat Doing??

J.R. asks from Saginaw

I've had at least one cat at all times of my life and this is the first time I've had 2 at the same time. Their names are Tinsel & Garland, both are long haired gray...


Family with Autistic Child

B.T. asks from Lansing

A family at my children's school suffered a fire over the weekend that destroyed their home. Their 5 yr old son is autistic so you can probably imagine how having his...


What to Give a Malamute to Chew On????

A.W. asks from Kalamazoo

She destroys toys in minutes! What can I give her? She doesn't much care for rawhide. I thought about maybe deflated basketballs? or small tires? LOL! Help!


Suggestions for Nighttime Dryness for a Very Deep Sleeper

K.T. asks from Detroit

My son (almost 5) has been daytime potty-trained for 2 years. He still uses a pull-up at night because he sleeps too deeply to wake up in the middle of the night and ...


Looking to Learn How to Be a Coupon Saving Mommy

S.C. asks from Detroit

Okay..I see people posting savings from vendor coupons, and store coupons..but I have yet to see anyone here in Michigan post anything about how much money they save....


1 Year Old - Yogurt Type?

J.F. asks from Columbus

My little girl loves yogurt and now that we are on people food, I want to switch her to regular yogurt vs Gerber or YoBaby. I normally purchase light and fit for myse...


How Can I Change My 4 Year Old's Attitude

B.H. asks from Detroit

My son is 4 years old and for the longest time I have had issues with his behavior. Some days are better than others but for the must part my son has to argue with m...


Cold Medicines While Pregnant

S.S. asks from Lansing

I just called my doctor about what I can take while sick and pregnant. I've gotten so many different answers from people that I'm not sure who I beleive. My girlfri...