Bedtime Bath... Hyper or Calm? ;)

Updated on January 26, 2012
J.M. asks from Cleveland, TN
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It seems like any time someone asks a sleep-related question, at least one mom recommends a calm, quiet bath before bed. Now, I have absolutely zero problem with this... After all, every child is different, and need different routines tailored to fit their personality. I just chuckle every time I see that, because with my DD there is no such thing as a calm bath. Lol. She absolutely LOVES bath time. So for 10-15 minutes every few nights she is my hyper little mermaid, sliding around, splashing, playing with her toys, etc. until Mommy decides it's time to wash up and get out. :) This actually starts our bedtime routine (on bath nights... Non-bath nights start off with 10 minutes or so of running, spinning, and dancing. Lol) My DD needs that time to get the excess energy out of her system or she won't settle all night. Plus... I like that she loves her baths. I only have to say the word, and she goes tearing down the hall to the bathroom.

After her bath, she picks up her toys, brushes her teeth (well, Mommy brushes her teeth...), puts on pjs, brushes hair, tells whoever else is home night-night (Daddy is only home for bedtime 3 nights a week, and her aunt lives with us about half the time) and lays down for story time. Then it's night-night kisses for Mommy and lights out. Once in a while she will try to get up again, but most nights she goes right to sleep.

So... I'm just curious. Do you have a calm, relaxing bath time, or a fun, hyper one? :) (again... Not saying either way is better than the other... Just wondering what works for your family.)

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answers from Austin on

I am the one that is responding with "quiet and calm dinner and then bath"..

Remember these are usually responses for the parents having a hard time getting their children to go to bed and to go to sleep.

SOME children, not all, can take a long time to transition form hyper play to calm enough to get settled and start to relax. They get all riled up and cannot become calm or realize that has now stopped.

Some children do not realize the cues that it is time to settle down.. and so you start the process earlier and it sets their systems to quiet and calm.

I also suggest these parents with these children keep their voices low and calm. To use a little warmer water and to use the wash cloth to really rub their children.. like a massage. Wears them out..

Some children also can be easily distracted by other household sounds and begin to think they are missing out on some fun activity.. So turning off or lowering the cell phone and the conversations, turning down or off the TV.. will also help them think.. there is nothing else going on..

Again these are just some children.

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answers from San Antonio on

Fun - playing, bubbles, definitely not calm. The calm comes with storytime after bath for us.

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answers from Dallas on

Bath time is pretty hyper at my house, but the act of going through the bedtime ritual is calming. After bath, run down with towel, teeth, hair, pjs, story, then they are warm, cozy, sleepy. I think It's more of a mental signal that it's time to start winding down.

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answers from Washington DC on

Mostly fun. It's more active if DH does the bath because then they play with ducks or whatever. I tend to sing songs and read stories.



answers from Seattle on

My son gets a bath everyday, and It's usually fun, and a little hyper. He has his toys that he plays with and stacks his blocks and laughs at the craziest things. He gets all his left over energy out from the day. He lets me know when he is done, he starts putting his toys away and drains the bath and stands up for me to grab him with the towel. So cute! By the time he is in my arms he is yawning, then its time for pj's a little warm milk, and a story, and then goodnight kisses and off to bed.



answers from Fargo on

My daughter swims laps in our tub(I knew we should have gotten a smaller one! haha!) so I can't claim relaxation. However, by the time bath is over, I am exhausted enough to sleep on the bathroom floor. Mabey it should be suggested as a sleep aid for parents!

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