Disrespect & Disobedience: Albuterol

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Allergies: What Can I Do???

My 9 month old son has allergies ranging from wheat to eggs or even the outdoors! He is truly allergic and even starts scratching his face and gives himself welts and pockets or bumps on his face. but when my mother has him in PA, his face rash goes away and seems happier. it's so sad and frustrating seeing him so helpless! We stopped the breastfeeding and not give him foods known to us that he is allergic to and try not to go out much... but we went camping and hiking and his face was fine- problem is, my husband is convinced that he is...


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Xopenex vs Albuterol??? Please Advise!!!

Hi Ladies, My 5 year old DS just started his first bad cough and of course it turns out he has bronchitis !! His ped prescribed him albuterol or xopenex ... I read the literature and both seem to have the same side effects so would like some feedback as to which would be better based on personal experiences of course!! I have to begin his nebulizer treatment today and am so on egde and hate to see him cough so bad...any other natural remedies than can ease his discomfort and any other advise will be greatly appreciated ! Thanks! ...


Hyper 4 Year Old

My 4 year old daughter is so hyper at times and I'm starting to loose my...