Natural Remedies for a Hyper Child

Updated on November 03, 2009
K.D. asks from Paris, TX
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I'm looking a a natural remedie for my 7 year old son. He is a very active and hyper child. He does well in school but figits alot. He is not allowed very much sugar, maybe desert every three to four days. No soda in our house or Juice. Water, Milk, and tea. I do not cook processed food. so very little perservitives. Does any one know of a natural remedies for hyper activitiy?

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My son is adhd. So understand. I tried calm child and omega 6. I also changed his diet to no red dye 40 in his food vitiams and Medicine no presertives, And limited his in take on apples orange vegs and fruits. They have a lot of natural sugars I changed his milk to 2% because the whole milk has more sugar. I did this for over a year. But it did not work. I had to put in on Meds



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Does your son get outside and burn off extra energy everyday before and after school? Will the teacher allow him to have a small, soft ball that he can squeeze during class when he becomes fidgity? Sometimes boys need to be able to move around in the class room or hold and manipulate an objet in their hand while listening. If his grades are good and he has no behavior problems then you just need to work with him and his teacher to find ways to cope with his hyperactivity. I recommend The Minds of Boys to you. It has lots of ideas on how to deal with very active boys and what his teacher can do to help him in the classroom.


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hope this help you i always use home remedies first if that doesn't work i use medicine
omega 3 and omega 6.
These are very good for attention and concentration. And found primarily in blue fish. That is as recommended increased consumption of these.

Also preparations based on ginkgo biloba and ginseng might encourage greater concentration, as they have ability to irrigate more blood to the brain. That is always have been recommended as plants for memory, for example.

Sometimes may for a hyperactive child do lack any sedative natural. Therefore you can give you some infusion of tila before bedtime, so can reassure those night.


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what do you clean your house with? first thing is to rule out inhalants. Nutrition could very well help too, but I would change my cleaners first if you haven't already.




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Hello K.,

You're doing great. herbs 4 kids has valerian calm and chamomile calm (it does not make them sleepy). as long as he's not allergic to ragweeds (chamomile is in the ragweed family). valerian calm helped my son a lot. also, if you buy any bread... make sure it does NOT have high fructose corn syrup. and also, do not use any artificial sugars. I also use aromatherapy (lavender oil, lemon oil are calming and help with concentration) have you ever taken him to a chiropractor for adjustments? keep looking! Good luck! ~C.~



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Have you considered getting a medical work-up by a clinic like the Block Center? They check for allergies, which many times cause hyperactivity, and prefer natural treatments.

In addition to the post below, check out the book Is This Your Child's World by Doris Rapp concerning chemical sensitivity.

Chewable calcium is a natural relaxer.

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